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Old 11-07-2018, 04:26 PM
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Default Man dies after injecting silicone in genitals, mom blames gay BDSM sex ‘cult’ master


Man dies after injecting silicone in genitals, mom blames sex ‘cult’ master
By Alexandra Klausner

A Washington kink enthusiast died last month after silicone injections in his genitals led to fatal bleeding, but his mom believes a gay sex “cult” is to blame.

Jack Chapman, a 28-year-old Australian living in Seattle, died from “silicone embolism syndrome” resulting in hemorrhaging in the lungs, the King County Medical Examiner’s Office told The Stranger this week.

Chapman — who went by “Tank Heathcliff Hafertepen” and “Pup Tank” — was an active member of San Francisco and later Seattle’s gay BDSM community. Chapman served as one of several slaves to master Dylan Hafertepen, known as the nickname “Noodles and Beef.”

Hafertepen, who has thousands of followers on social media, is known for posting salacious photos with his slaves, whom he calls his “pups.” Several of Hafertepen’s “pups,” including Tank, appear to have artificially enlarged genitals as well as extremely muscular bodies.

Chapman’s mother, Linda, is blaming Hafertepen for turning her son on to the dangerous body modification that resulted in his death. She likened her son’s relationship with his master to a cult.

“It was devotion, it was like some sort of clan, family, like a cult. And to prove their devotion to him they had to change their bodies,” Linda said on the Australian talk show The Project, which aired on Channel 10 this week.
Modal TriggerJack Chapman
Jack ChapmanFacebook

“He was not the Jack that I sent over there. He had no self-esteem, he’d lost himself in this cult. This was a disturbed boy,” she added.

Linda detailed a contract her son signed with Hafertepen which promised his master total control over his mind and body. She said her son was required to take Hafertepen’s last name, give him his salary, wear a chain around his neck and cut off contact with anyone outside his BDSM circle.

Hafertepen deactivated several of his accounts after Chapman’s death. It is not known who injected silicone into Chapman’s scrotum.

Chapman’s death in mid-October was caused by a viral inflammation of the lungs called pneumonitis, which progressed to acute respiratory distress syndrome, the King County Medical Examiner’s Office said. The syndrome eventually resulted in hemorrhaging in the lungs.

Three weeks prior to his death, Chapman signed over all his money to Hafertepen in his will, something Linda said she finds unsettling.

“Three weeks before he dies he writes a will and leaves everything to Dylan. If that’s not suspicious I don’t know what is,” she told The Project.

Linda said her son Jack and his autistic brother, Ben, each received $200,000 after her late husband’s death. Jack’s money was intended to go to Ben’s medical care if anything were to ever happen to him, she explained.

Linda confronted Hafertepen about the will on The Project.

“You didn’t think of his autistic brother, on a disability pension. $200,000 is a pretty good price, isn’t it?” she said to him.

“I was intending to give that to Ben,” he replied.

Linda then asks him to put that in writing.

“Not with this animosity,” he said.

A Facebook post on a memorial page for Chapman praises his relationship with Hafertepen.

“Tank’s greatest passion was for his partner, Dylan. Together for over eight years, their love overcame challenges the size of continents, and persisted as an unbreakable bond. Tank’s devotion and love for his partner was absolute. Tank’s final words to Dylan were ‘Thank you for allowing me to serve you,'” the post read.

The Facebook memorial also says Chapman died of “an undiagnosed lung ailment,” which contradicts the coroner’s statement. Linda said she plans to go to the police over her son’s death.

“The Seattle Police Department and King County Medical Examiner’s Office have reviewed the medical file related to this death, as well as concerns from the community. There is no criminal investigation at this time,” the department told The Stranger.
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