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Old 11-06-2018, 11:19 AM
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Default CHINESE Ex-boyfriend probed in death of woman in Chelsea high-rise


Ex-boyfriend probed in death of woman in Chelsea high-rise
By Tina Moore and Natalie O'Neill
November 5, 2018 | 8:13pm

The woman who mysteriously died in her posh Chelsea high-rise apartment last week was a recent college grad from China — and cops are probing whether her ex-boyfriend is to blame, police sources said Monday.

Ying Huang, a 22-year-old Berkeley College alum, was found lifeless and bruised in a nearly full bathtub on the 54th-floor of The Eugene building on West 31st Street near 9th Avenue Thursday, according to police.

She and her former boyfriend had been partying on Wednesday night before going back to her place — where she may have died while they were having sex, he allegedly told a pal, according to a police source.

“[The ex] said they were at a party in Brooklyn. They were drinking heavily and she took molly. He admits to having sex with her before he left her apartment,” the police source said.

He later texted a friend, “I was having sex with my ex and she wasn’t breathing,” according to the police source, who said the pal deleted the text.

In surveillance footage of that night, Huang is shown stumbling — and hitting her head on the lobby floor — as the ex-boyfriend helps her onto an elevator, according to the police source.

He then dragged her out on the 54th floor — and is seen leaving the building two hours later, the source said.

When police showed up later that day, her apartment was trashed, according to police.

“They found the apartment in disarray and her on her right side in bathtub, submerged under water with severe bruising,” a police source said.

The ex-boyfriend, who has no prior record, had not been charged with a crime Monday.

“Initially, they arrested him. But then the DA felt they wanted to wait until the autopsy was complete,” the source said.

It wasn’t clear whether the bruises on her body were from falling or possible assault, according to cops.

Huang’s parents now plan to travel from China to meet with police, the police source said.
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