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Old 07-13-2018, 07:44 AM
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Default Toronto nigger sow caught on video destroying gym equipment


Woman caught on video destroying gym equipment

Updated: Jun 11 2018 07:43AM EDT

TORONTO - A woman in Toronto was captured on video trashing gym equipment with a set of weights inside a health and fitness club.

Video was captured by Canadian music artist Troy Joe of the woman hammering away at the the treadmill inside of a GoodLife Fitness club Sunday using weights as other gym-goers watched on and kept their distance.

Another video, chronicled by Joe, shows the woman walking off to lift weights in another area, and then throwing one of them, while another video shows members crowding around the woman to get her to leave.

A spokesman for the club confirmed the woman was not a club member when she caused the property damage and the staff immediately called police while trying to keep other members away.
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