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Old 01-10-2020, 04:49 AM
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Default Bay St. Louis, MS PD: negro ‘ambushed’ white victims, leaving 2 dead (M, 23 & F, 19) and 2 injured


Police: Suspect ‘ambushed’ victims, leaving 2 dead and 2 injured
Police confirmed a second victim died after being shot

Updated January 9 at 3:36 PM

BAY SAINT LOUIS, Miss. (WLOX) - Four victims who were shot Wednesday night outside a Bay St. Louis apartment complex were “ambushed," according to Bay police chief Gary Ponthieux.

“From what eye witnesses are telling, they were ambushed,” Ponthieux said. “They pulled up on it and were confronted quickly, and they were ambushed.”

Authorities gathered Thursday to update the public on the shooting, which left 19-year-old Cheyanne Schultz and 23-year-old Morgan Landry dead.

Two other people were shot. One remained in critical condition as of Thursday afternoon and the second was treated and released.

Chief Ponthieux said 23-year-old Jason Michel ambushed the four victims, who were sitting outside Bay Park Apartments. Michel then stole one of the victim’s cars and drove to a Waveland gas station where he stole a truck at gunpoint.

Shortly after the truck was stolen, police received a phone call from Michel’s mother, said Ponthieux. She told them her son was covered in blood and holding a shotgun when he showed up at her house on West Itawamba Street in the Bayside Park community. Hancock County deputies arrived shortly after and arrested Michel without incident.

Chief Ponthieux said investigators had not yet been able to determine a motive for the crimes, calling it a “random, senseless act of violence.” The police chief said no evidence of any drug activity or drug deal was found. Investigators are still gathering evidence, said Ponthieux, and have seized electronic devices to hopefully learn more.

Michel is now charged with murder, attempted murder, two counts of aggravated assault, carjacking, and possession of a weapon by a convicted felon. He also has pending charges through the Waveland Police Department for carjacking.

Michel was taken to Hancock County Jail where a $3.6 million bond was set by Municipal Court Judge Maggio.

According to the police chief, Michel was on probation at the time of the shootings for a previous felony conviction on a burglary charge. Police also suspect he may have an additional felony conviction for a burglary out of state but have not yet been able to obtain those records.

Chief Ponthieux said they believe the shotgun used in the crimes belongs to one of Michel’s family members who lives in Bay Park Apartments. Michel was reportedly staying between there and the homes of other friends and family in Hancock County.

However, the police chief said they have not found any evidence that anyone else was involved in the crime and believe that Michel acted alone. No other arrests are anticipated at this time.


Morgan Landry, age 23


Cheyanne Schultz Cardinale, age 19


Pamela Landry
9 hrs ·

PRAYERS REQUESTED for Allen Paul Landry Jr. and Debbie Bond Landry.

Their son, (my nephew), Morgan Landry, was ambushed and murdered last night in Bay St. Louis during a carjacking.

This was a senseless murder by a felon for a car.

And also, a young lady, Cheyenne Schultz, was shot moments before Morgan Landry pulled up in his vehicle, and Morgan even made a comment to his 2 friends that were with him that it looked like the car they parked by had been broken into. Seconds later he was ambushed and shot by that low-life scumball.

That young lady is dead along with my nephew, Morgan. Two young lives taken by a felon.

Another young man is in critical condition and I am asking for prayers for him and his family.

Prayers requested for Morgan Landry and his family and friends.

Prayers requested for Cheyenne Schultz and her family and friends.

Prayers requested for the young man in critical condition and his family and friends.

Prayers requested for all the VICTIMS of this low-life scumball felon.

NO prayers requested for that evil felon.

Allen Paul Landry Jr.

Debbie Bond Landry

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