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Old 01-12-2018, 03:16 PM
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Default Two bandits wanted for string of safe, ATM heists


Two bandits wanted for string of safe, ATM heists
By Stephanie Pagones
January 12, 2018 | 12:50pm

Two men are on a safe-and-ATM cracking spree in Manhattan, ripping off over a dozen East Side businesses in a month, police said.

One of the suspects.

The pair has hit up 16 commercial locations, busting open the safes and cash machines — or simply taking them with them — and collecting $54,000 so far, police said on Thursday night.

The spree began just before midnight on December 9th, when they broke into Dunkin Donuts at East 34th Street and Lexington Avenue in Kips Bay. Once inside, the pair was able to snag about $3,800 when they cracked open a safe and an ATM machine.

They cracked the safe and ATM inside a Dunkin Donuts on East 23rd Street on December 15, and also got into the ATM at Ray’s Pizza on Second Avenue on the 18th. When they couldn’t get into the safe at Ray’s, they took it with them, along with the ATM – collectively about $9,200, cops said.

On December 26, the men forced their way into Irish Exit bar on Second Avenue, again making off with approximately $8,800 from the cracked safe and ATM.

And from the end of December into the new year, the two made off with $26,800, 15 liquor bottles, a laptop, two tablets, two safes, an ATM machine and several security systems from 10 separate break-ins. They only left empty handed once — at Otto’s Tacos on Second Avenue in East Village — when a store employee walked in, police said.

Most recently, the bandits broke into Dos Toros and BNS Real Estate in the Upper East Side on January 10. They made off with approximately $8,000 and the surveillance system from the restaurant and a batch of keys from the real estate agency, cops said.
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