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Old 10-11-2019, 07:31 AM
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Default Negro arrest made in car theft, death of disabled dog


October 10, 2019
Arrest made in car theft, death of disabled dog

OAKLAND PARK, FLA. (WSVN) - Police have made an arrest in the case of a disabled dog that was found dead after it was inside a stolen car.

Wilton Manors Police arrested 19-year-old Jephthe Jean Francois, Wednesday, on 15 charges including grand theft auto and animal cruelty.

When police caught Francois, he had a GPS monitor on his ankle, and officials traced it back to the parking lot that the car was stolen from.

According to investigators, Francois stole a car outside of a Dollar Tree in Oakland Park that had a disabled 13-year-old husky mix named Zorra in the back with the AC on.

Ferrari said the dog was her constant companion as she dealt with a breast cancer recurrence.

“She was with me with my first battle with breast cancer and I was hoping she’d be there for the second,” said Wanda Ferrari, Zorra’s owner. “She’s my rock. She’s my heart. I rescued her and then she rescued me and I really need her now.”

Ferrari parked her car in a handicap parking space last Thursday.

Surveillance video showed Francois opening the front door and then driving off.

“I rescued her and she rescued me,” said Ferrari. “I really need her now.”

Broward Sheriff’s Deputies found the vehicle several days later with Zorra’s body inside.

“He stole the vehicle. He discarded the vehicle leaving this dog stranded to its own devices,”
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Old 10-11-2019, 11:49 AM
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Default Re: Negro arrest made in car theft, death of disabled dog

Note: the surname Francois, is most popular in the black island of Haiti - originally a French colony where
there was a vicious revolution in which the black slave majority slaughtered the Whites
At the time of the U.S. Civil War, a major pretext for southern whites, most of whom did not own slaves, to support slave-owners (and ultimately fight for the Confederacy) was fear of a genocide similar to the Haitian Massacre of 1804. This was explicitly referred to in Confederate discourse as a reason for secession.
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