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Old 10-09-2019, 05:22 AM
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Default Anti-semitic graffiti outside Hamilton synagogue

Anti-semitic graffiti outside Hamilton synagogue

By Lisa Polewski 900 CHML
Posted October 7, 2019 5:43 pm


The Nazi Blues

Hamilton police are investigating after anti-Semitic graffiti was left outside the Beth Jacob Synagogue over the weekend.
Rabbi Hillel Lavery-Yisraeli said he was in such a rush to get to the synagogue for the 9:15 a.m. service on Saturday morning that he didn’t notice the graffiti until several congregants pointed it out. Once he saw it, he said, it was unmistakable.
Written in bright pink chalk on the pavement at the entrance to the synagogue was the word “Jews”, crossed out within a circle, as well as a swastika.
Police arrived on the scene to document the evidence and while investigating, officers found several more instances of anti-Semitic graffiti around the synagogue, including on the sidewalk of Aberdeen Avenue.
“It’s really disturbing,” said Lavery-Yisraeli. “We have Holocaust survivors in our congregation who recognize that symbol and had to see it again in their later years.
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