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Default Hartford Officer Recovering After Stabbing; Redbone Sow Charged With Attempted Murder


Hartford Officer Recovering After Stabbing; Suspect Charged With Attempted Murder


A veteran city police officer was severely wounded Thursday when authorities said she was stabbed in the neck during a struggle with a woman involved in a dispute with her landlord of a downtown apartment building. Maintenance workers jumped in to the bloody fight and helped disarm the woman as police whisked the officer to the hospital through city streets within minutes of the incident.

By Thursday night, the officer – who police did not identify – was in the intensive care unit after undergoing several hours of surgery. The suspect, Chevoughn Augustin, 39, was charged with attempted murder, first-degree assault, assault on a police officer and third-degree criminal mischief, and was expected to appear Friday morning in Superior Court in Hartford.

Housing court records show Augustin had been evicted because of numerous complaints about "disturbing" behavior but was waging a legal fight to remain in her ninth-floor apartment.

Augustin was supposed to leave her apartment by April 24, but went to housing court in Hartford and filed a counter motion claiming she was being discriminated against because she is a Native American.

Augustin has lived in apartment 903 since December 2017, records show.

Attorneys for landlord SPC Master Tenant LLC alleged that Augustin “created numerous disturbances” for her neighbors that affected “their peaceful enjoyment of the premises” and rose to the level of an eviction.

Those disturbances included wandering the hallways "aimlessly very late at night," sleeping in the common room couch, confronting other residents in a "hostile" way and ordering food to be delivered and then not going down to pick it up, leaving the delivery person at the door or others in the building to deal with it.

The complaint also said she refused to meet with management to discuss her behavior and routinely accused staff of stealing her food.
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