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Old 04-15-2017, 01:32 PM
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Default Canadian Petition: Stop The Legalization of Marijuana

Stop The Legalization of Marijuana


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ran on an election platform that included a promise to not just decriminalize, but rather fully legalize the use of marijuana.
Legalization would be a terrible move that exposes even more people to this harmful drug, and will also make the marijuana more accessible to young people. The side effects of marijuana can be debilitating and this drug should not be made legally available to the public.

Marijuana legislation is for the benefit of billionaires; they drag everything thing down to the level of the toilet and wait for the money to float to the top. This legislation will kill young people; wealthy liberals need a drug addict like Justin to shove the legislation through. Even though he is carefully managed, Justin has a serious speech impediment as a result of his drug addiction. Broadcast media are in on the gravy train so they carefully filter and downplay what is, essentially, murder for profit.

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