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Old 06-22-2019, 06:03 AM
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Default Wayne Newton pulled his revolver, opened fire at boonglars who invaded his Las Vegas home


'Shoot 'em, Shoot em!': Wayne Newton tells how he pulled his revolver and opened fire at burglars who invaded his Las Vegas home and threatened his wife with a metal pipe

Las Vegas's Wayne Newton admitted to firing gunshots to scare away intruders
The singer said the burglars used a metal rod to attack one of his dogs and wife
Testimony comes during trial of Weslie Hosea Martin, 22, who's accused of being one of the burglars and burglarizing the Newton mansion 10 days earlier

Updated: 04:30 EDT, 19 June 2019

Las Vegas entertainer Wayne Newton (pictured in court) said he fired a gunshot to scare away two burglars that he and his wife and their teenage daughter encountered during a second burglary in 10 days at their home a year ago

The testimony came during trial for Weslie Hosea Martin, a 22-year-old Nevada prison inmate accused of being one of the burglars that night and of also burglarizing the Newton mansion and a neighboring home 10 days earlier
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