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Old 07-26-2020, 01:46 PM
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Default DHS on PORTLAND, OR. Riots - What's inside Portland's Courthouse?

No breech at courthouse yet. The anarchists primary target is the courthouse. Who supplied them with the commercial grade fireworks?

What evidence against who is so important & stored inside that needs to be destroyed? The Oregon government allows the anarchy.

Play by play ~hourly reports & Fed's & DHS' focus for days, protecting Portland's courthouse from ???

July 25, 2020 Portland Riots Read-out: July 25

July 24, 2020 Portland Riots Read-out: July 24

July 23, 2020 Portland Riots Read-Out: July 23

July 22, 2020 Portland Riots Read-Out: July 22

July 21, 2020 Portland Riots Read-Out: July 21

July 19, 2020
BACKGROUNDER: Day 50 of Continued Violence in Portland
Evening of July 18, 2020 through Early morning of July 19, 2020
Last evening, Portland saw additional violence with violent anarchists assaulting federal officers and damaging federal property. This siege, sustained by DHS law enforcement agents continuously for 50 days, consists of multiple federal crimes. Last night alone, violent anarchists engaged in the following criminal activity:
  • Violent anarchists barricaded federal officers inside the Hatfield Federal Courthouse using materials harvested by dismantling nearby security fencing. Violent anarchists then launched commercial grade fireworks at the building, attempting to injure or kill federal officers.
  • Violent anarchists attempted to blind federal officers by targeting their eyes with laser weapons.
  • Violent anarchists launched projectiles at federal officers including commercial grade fireworks and bags of paint.
  • Violent anarchists used dismantled security fencing to repeatedly bang against federal property attempting to breach it.
  • Violent anarchists again set fire to the base of what used to host the City of Portlandís Elk statue, continuing multiple nights of fire at this site.
  • Violent anarchists published personal lodging and rental details of DHS employees on social media, detailing exact locations including entrance and exit points of lodging, harassing rental and lodging staff, and asking individuals to acquire tools for attacks.
  • Violent anarchists expanded riots beyond federal property to residential areas, also setting fire to the Portland Police Association.
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Old 07-27-2020, 02:23 AM
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Default Re: DHS on PORTLAND, OR. Riots - What's inside Portland's Courthouse?

By KTVZ news sources
February 20, 2020 5:46 pm

Rash of counterfeit bills passed in Bend, Sunriver, Oregon

(Update: DCSO confirms case)
February 20, 2020 - SUNRIVER, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Central Oregon law enforcement agencies are investigating several recently passed counterfeit bills that could be linked.
Sunriver and Bend police and the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office said they have recovered fake $20 and $100 bills over the past month at several locations, including a $100 bill received Feb. 2 at the Regal Cinemas in Bend’s Old Mill and three $20s passed at the Sunriver Country Store.
The Deschutes County Sheriff's Office also is investigating a counterfeiting case but withholding details due to the active investigation, Sgt. Jayson Janes said.
Sunriver police said they are reviewing security footage at the store in hopes of identifying a suspect. They also offered in a Facebook posting some ways to detect fake currency:

- Look for the color-changing / shifting ink on the number of the denomination. The ink will shift back and forth from green to gold. This also takes place with the gold inkwell color.
- Check for raised printing, the shape of the bill compared to real money, and the texture, feel and weight of the currency.
- Look for blurry borders, print or text.
- There is red and blue threading throughout the entirety of the bill when closely examined. Some printers attempt to mimic this feature, getting close to the real thing.
- Look for the watermark on the bills.
- Look for the thick blue security ribbon on new $100 bills.
- Serial numbers will have a related letter in the front that corresponds to the year the money was printed.
There are several tools that can assist in detecting fake money as well, police said.
"Be aware that money pens aren’t always reliable," the police posting stated. "The pens detect chemicals within the bill and react when located. Technology for printing has developed throughout the years, changing detectable chemicals."
Some companies have created watermark lamps, ultraviolet lamps, magnetic ink scanners and multi-test scanners.
If you believe you have received counterfeit money, you're urged to call your local law enforcement agency.
Central Oregon / Crime And Courts / News / Top Stories
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Old 07-27-2020, 03:25 AM
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Default Re: DHS on PORTLAND, OR. Riots - What's inside Portland's Courthouse?

Hmmmmm. A recurring theme in these distracting BLM riots, small groups of "protestors" who break away for targeting police stations and courthouses, Secret Service involved but not talking, officials allowing protests but against the Feds & DHS whose supposed real mission is protecting courthouses.

Must be some important people running this show, to destroy evidences. FBI on AFRICANS !

Update: Hundreds March In Oakland; Windows Smashed At OPD, Fire Ignited Inside Courthouse

July 25, 2020 at 11:59 pm

OAKLAND (CBS SF) — Hundreds marched in downtown Oakland Saturday night, demanding social justice and showing solidiarty for protesters in the streets of Portland who have been in a standoff with federal agents for more than a week.

While the majority of crowd peacefully protested, a handful of demonstrators

turned violent, vandalizing Oakland Police headquarters and setting a fire inside the Alameda County courthouse, breaking windows and covering the building with graffiti.
There were similar rallies throughout the U.S. in Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles, New York and other cities.
Protesters had been planning for days the demonstration that was called “Richmond Stands with Portland,” news outlets reported, in an apparent reaction to ongoing tensions between protesters and U.S. agents at the federal courthouse in Oregon’s largest city.

Duo passed along $100 counterfeit bills in Oakland, San Francisco

Man, woman sentenced for role in fake money, credit card scheme

A man and woman who pleaded guilty to making phony $100 bills as part of a Bay Area counterfeiting conspiracy and fake credit card scheme each were sentenced to more than 4 Ĺ years in federal prison Monday, authorities said.
U.S. District Court Judge Susan Illston sentenced Marcus Smith, 37, to five years and three months in prison and gave a four-year, nine-month sentence to 36-year-old Nicole Dunlap, U.S. Attorney David Anderson of the Northern District of California said through a spokesman. Both pleaded guilty on Nov. 6.
The two admitted in their plea agreements to making and using the counterfeit $100 bills, Anderson said, as well as to making phony credit cards using identities stolen.
The two were part of a group that was responsible for flooding the Bay Area with thousands of dollars in fake currency, prosecutors said in a sentencing memorandum. The alleged ringleader, Joshua Barnes, has not yet been sentenced.

================================================== =====================

Older cases of counterfeiting in not just BLACK Oakland CA, in all the riot cities, but are too many to report on.

Raids Carried Out On Suspect Multi Million Dollar East Bay Money Counterfeiters

February 24, 2016 at 4:48 pm

OAKLAND (KPIX 5) — East Bay police and federal agents have been spending the day going through boxes and boxes of evidence in a counterfeit money sting.
Secret service agents and the Department of Justice raided a home on Lacy Street in Oakland around 6 a.m., confiscating evidence in a multi-million dollar counterfeit case.
A family lives in the home, but agents wouldn’t disclose who they were, and exactly what they confiscated.
Multiple raids were conducted throughout the day.
In Oakland on Douglas Street, another raid was linked to the counterfeit investigation – One man taken into custody on charges related to evidence found at the home. The secret service said counterfeiters have printed and distributed $5 million in counterfeit bills, with the majority of those being $100 bills.
The investigation lasted a year, and was centered in the Bay Area.
Authorities say the counterfeiters used a sophisticated printing method.
In Castro Valley, another home was raided. The Secret Service, and the Department of Justice searched the home and cars for nearly six hours.
No one was arrested there, but evidence was taken from the home.
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Old 07-27-2020, 03:34 AM
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Default Re: DHS on PORTLAND, OR. Riots - What's inside Portland's Courthouse?

Transnational Crime Threats and Programs
African Transnational Organized Crime Groups

African TOC groups have developed quickly since the 1980s due to the globalization of the world's economies and the great advances in communications technology. Easier international travel, expanded world trade, and financial transactions that cross national borders have enabled them to branch out of local and regional crime to target international victims and develop criminal networks within more prosperous countries and regions. The political, social, and economic conditions in African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, and Liberia have helped some enterprises expand globally.


African criminal enterprises have been identified in several major metropolitan areas in the U.S., but are most prevalent in

New York,
Washington, D.C.

Nigerian criminal enterprises are the most significant of these groups and operate in more than 80 countries of the world, including the United States. They are among the most aggressive and expansionist international criminal groups and are primarily engaged in drug trafficking and financial frauds.
The most profitable activity of the Nigerian groups is drug trafficking—delivering heroin from Southeast and Southwest Asia into Europe and the U.S., and cocaine from South America into Europe and South Africa. The associated money laundering has helped establish Nigerian criminal enterprises worldwide. Nigerian groups are also infamous for committing financial frauds globally. These schemes are diverse, targeting individuals, businesses, and government offices. Examples of these activities include insurance fraud involving auto accidents; healthcare billing scams; life insurance schemes; bank, check, and credit card fraud; advance-fee schemes, known as 4-1-9 letters; and document fraud to develop false identities. The advent of the Internet and e-mail has made their crimes more profitable and prevalent.
One such prevalent crime is Business E-mail Compromise (BEC), a sophisticated scam targeting businesses working with foreign suppliers or regularly performing wire transfer payments. The scam is carried out by compromising legitimate business e-mail accounts through social engineering or by computer intrusion techniques to conduct unauthorized transfer of funds. Most victims report using checks as a common method of payment. The fraudsters will use the method most commonly associated with their victim’s normal business practice. Read more about Business E-mail Compromise.
Besides using the standard Enterprise Theory of Investigation (ETI) and RICO investigative tools, the FBI participates in different working groups and initiatives to combat African organized crime on an international level.

Asian Transnational Organized Crime Groups .

Asian criminal enterprises have prospered thanks largely to the globalization of the world economies and to communications technology and international travel.

Asian TOC groups have been operating in the United States since the early 1900s. The first of these groups evolved from Chinese tongs—social organizations formed by early Chinese-American immigrants. A century later, the criminalized tongs have been joined by similar organizations with ties to East and Southeast Asia.
Asian criminal enterprises conduct traditional racketeering activities normally associated with organized crime—extortion, murder, kidnapping, illegal gambling, prostitution, and loansharking. They also smuggle aliens; traffic heroin and methamphetamine; commit financial frauds; steal autos and computer chips; counterfeit computer and clothing products; and engage in money laundering.

In the U.S., Asian criminal enterprises have been identified in more than 50 metropolitan areas. (Needs, to move products)
They are more prevalent in

Las Vegas, (October 2017 SHOOTING?)
Los Angeles,
New Orleans,
New York,
San Francisco,
Washington, D.C.
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Old 07-27-2020, 04:20 PM
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Default Re: DHS on PORTLAND, OR. Riots - What's inside Portland's Courthouse?

It's all part of ZOG's plan to bring the One World Government tyranny on all nations. This is just part of their plan.
White Lives Matter!
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