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Old 02-13-2019, 03:57 AM
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Default WM, 42 NYPD detective shot, killed by friendly fire during negro robbery in Queens


19-year veteran NYPD detective shot, killed by friendly fire during robbery in Queens


An NYPD detective was killed by friendly fire during a robbery in Queens.

The shooting was reported near Atlantic Avenue and 121st Street in the Richmond Hill section around 6 p.m. Tuesday.

The incident unfolded as officers responded to an armed robbery at a T-Mobile store. Police said it turns out the suspect was carrying a fake weapon, but multiple officers fired several rounds.

Detective Brian Simonsen, 42, and Sergeant Matthew Gorman were struck by gunfire. The detective, a 19-year veteran of the force, died from injuries suffered in the shooting.

Friendly fire aside, Police Commissioner James O'Neill said Simonsen's death is due to the actions of the suspect, described as a career criminal.

The suspect, 27-year-old Christopher Ransom, was shot and wounded. He was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition.

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Old 02-13-2019, 09:10 AM
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Default Re: WM, 42 NYPD detective shot, killed by friendly fire during negro robbery in Queens


Suspected robber at center of NYPD detective’s death is a career criminal
By Tina Moore, Larry Celona and Natalie Musumeci
February 13, 2019 | 11:48am

Christopher Ransom, the suspect in a Queens robbery attempt. Facebook

The suspected robber who held up a Queens T-Mobile store leading to the death of an NYPD detective is a career criminal who once was busted for impersonating a cop, lied his way into a Brooklyn court internship and was busted for stalking two judges six years ago.

In 2013, Christopher Ransom – then 22 – was convicted of violating a court order to keep away from a pair of female Brooklyn judges after he lied his way into a judicial internship.

Ransom, 27, was arrested on April 3, 2013, on charges of criminal impersonation, criminal contempt and criminal trespass.

Earlier that year Ransom pleaded guilty to lying about being a student at Kingsborough Community College to land the internship and sneak into restricted areas of the courthouse, including the judge’s chambers.

Christopher Ransom sits behind a judge’s bench while on a tour in 2013.

He was ultimately slapped with orders of protection to stay away from Brooklyn Supreme Court Judge Patricia DiMango and Judge Ruth Shillingford.

“He was obsessed with the idea of getting into the courthouse without passing the magnetometers,” DiMango testified at his trial, The Post previously reported.

“He would come into my courtroom on various occasions and try to get the attention of the court officers,” DiMango said in testimony at the time, adding, “I said, ‘Maybe I can help you get an internship with another judge,’ and he said, ‘No, I want to do an internship with you.”

DiMango said she eventually gave in, giving Ransom an internship that allowed him to observe her one morning a week.

Ransom has a total of 25 prior arrests on his record, including one for impersonating a police officer in 2016.

The career crook is accused of robbing a T-Mobile store in Richmond Hill, Queens Tuesday night using a fake gun.

Responding officers Det. 42-year-old Det. Brian Simonsen was killed and Sgt. Matthew Gorman was wounded in friendly fire, officials said.
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