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Old 02-12-2019, 03:35 PM
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Default Irish pub rents out it's bar to 300 boons for Black Histrionics Month...what could go wrong?

Uh, just a massive boon melee with sows gone wild, knifings, tnb aplenty...LOL!! Who could possibly have predicted it??

Video confirms negritude..I looked up several articles on this melee. This was the only one that made mention of the Black History celebration. The other articles were all white washed of race....


Three people stabbed amid 200-person fight at Henrietta bar

Looks like a perfect spot to gather 300+ niggers to "celebrate" Black Histrionics Month, LOL!!!!!!!

by Antoinette DelBelTuesday, February 12th 2019
Three people were stabbed during a fight at a Henrietta bar. (WHAM photo)<p>{/p}

(WHAM) - A fight at a Henrietta bar early Sunday morning left three people injured.

According to Monroe County Sheriff's deputies, they were called in the early morning to Schramrocks Irish Pub on Park Point Drive in Henrietta to help Henrietta Fire District members clear an overcrowded bar.

When firefighters arrived, deputies said a large brawl broke out in the parking lot.

In a statement on Facebook, Henrietta Fire District Chief Mark Strzyzynski said over 200 people were involved in the melee. Members of the crowd started surrounding the fire truck. They said firefighters called police after patrons were thrown against their fire truck.

"Help quickly arrived and was able to secure a perimeter around our engine company and eventually disperse the violent crowd," he said. "No firefighters were injured and the only damage to our property was blood splatter on the engine."

Deputies arrived to find what they described as an "unruly" crowd around 1 a.m.

I heard the police radio voices and can tell by the deputies voice that this was a tense situation,” said Captain Paul DeLella with the sheriff’s office. “Very chaotic. You have a lot of people running, yelling. I'm sure the deputies was giving them instructions to do certain things and they probably weren't. Eventually, they dispersed and left.”

Brighton Police also responded to provide help.

As the crowd was broken up, three people showed up at Strong Memorial Hospital with stab wounds.

The three victims have been identified as Michael Mathis, 21, Raeshon Patterson, 20, and Raekwon Green, 22.

Deputies confirm Mathis was one of three suspects in the Boys and Girls Club mass shooting in Rochester. He was acquitted of charges in that case.

Deputies say the wounds were minor. The victims are not cooperating with the investigation, according to deputies, and do not wish prosecution. However, a statement from the sheriff's office said the agency will be seeking charges as the investigation continues.

“The promoters and establishment are ultimately responsible for ensuring the safety of their patrons,” said Sheriff Todd K. Baxter in a statement. “This type of behavior will not be tolerated.”

Cell phone video taken by “Chef Donny” Rodgers a few weeks ago showed another fight in the parking lot of Schramrocks Irish Pub.

Police were not called to that incident last month, but deputies said they responded to 16 calls at the pub in 2017 and 12 calls in 2018 for similar behavior.

"Fighting behavior; intoxicated patrons; people causing problems; fights; resisting arrests," said Cpt. DeLella.

Alexis Montoya used to go to bar as an RIT student.

“It’s a bar; people are going to get drunk,” said Montoya. “They’re going to get reckless, but to actually hurt somebody and have it be 200 people, that’s crazy. That shocked me.”

Deputies said a folding knife found at the scene is believed to be the knife used in the stabbing.

The sheriff's office has contacted the New York State Liquor Authority about the matter. The SLA confirmed it is looking into the incident.

A representative with the SLA told 13WHAM the business was fined $10,000 on Feb. 6, 2019 for someone running the bar who is not on the liquor license. According to the SLA, that individual is the son of the licensees, who are his parents.

The attorney for the pub, Sue Michel, said Saturday night's event was a celebration of Black History Month sponsored by a third party.

Michel said they were not over capacity; there were 325 people at the event. The capacity is 350.

They stress there was no violence inside Schramrocks and released the following statement Monday:

Schramrock’s Irish Pub is fully cooperating with the authorities on the incident early Sunday morning. This was not an RIT sponsored event. The event was a celebration of black history month sponsored by a 3rd party. There was no violence inside the premises. Authorities were called for overcrowding, and although they were under capacity, the authorities requested the event be “shut down”. The DJ immediately stopped the music and brought the lights up to disperse the event. Schramrocks cannot comment on anything that happened outside the premises as it is still under investigation. Schramrocks has had no prior incidences of this nature and will continue to cooperate with all authorities and work with the landlord and community.
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