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Old 11-06-2019, 07:16 AM
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Default Mudshark's Faceberg post goes viral detailing racist incident at Jason Aldean's Nashville bar


Facebook post goes viral detailing alleged racist incident at popular Nashville bar
Updated: 11:58 AM, Nov 05, 2019

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Laura Murphy posted a photo with her husband on Facebook with a lengthy caption that has gone viral. She claims her husband wasn't allowed inside Jason Aldean's Kitchen and Rooftop bar because the color of his skin. Their story has now been shared on social media by more than 14,000 people as of Sunday night.

In the post, Murphy says that she was visiting Nashville this weekend with her husband and some friends. On Friday, around midnight they said they decided to walk over to Jason Aldean’s Kitchen and Rooftop Bar. Murphy, who is white, says her husband, who is black, was stopped by the bouncer and told he couldn't go inside because he was wearing a hoodie.

Murphy goes on to say in the post that she noticed a number of white people exiting the bar with hoodies on. When they questioned the bouncer's decision again, Murphy claims the bouncer said that they were radioing down to him telling him he couldn’t let them enter. Racism is why Murphy believes they were turned away.

Since she shared the story online, the post has garnered more than 6,000 comments.

Following the viral response, Murphy released the following statement:

Our post about our experience at Jason Aldean’s Kitchen and Rooftop Bar from this past weekend has garnered more attention than we ever imagined. We are thankful for everyone who has reached out to us to offer support, and are saddened that others have shared experiences similar to ours from all around our country. We were in Nashville for two nights, and outside of this incident, we were able to have an amazing trip and meet some great people. As updated on Sunday, the owner of the third-party security company did reach out to us directly and acknowledged and apologized for the incident. He believes that this was a misunderstanding, stating that hoodies were banned for employees, but that there was no dress code in place banning them for patrons. At some point, that was miscommunicated between staff. It has not been clarified why some patrons were turned away because of them, and others were allowed to enter. We are disappointed that we have yet to hear from TC Restaurant Group, and are willing to discuss this incident and the details surrounding it with them. They do have our contact information. We are hopeful that by sharing our experience, that we can bring light to incidents like ours happening not only in this establishment, but in others around the country as well. Our wish is that some good comes from this very bad experience.

NewsChannel 5 reached out to the restaurant's leadership team on the incident and they said, "We strive to be one of the most welcoming establishments in Nashville and are horrified by these reports. Our leadership team is investigating this situation and will take action should we find that any of our employees or third-party security contractors violated our policies. We appreciate those who have brought this to our attention."

Murphy has updated her post saying that someone from the restaurant's security service reached out to apologize, admitting hoodies are allowed in the restaurant. Regardless, Murphy writes that the incident is a good reminder that we need to be more accepting and kind to one another.
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