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Default KC, KS WM deli owner, 62 2nd victim shot to death during negro domestic violence incident

Second victim dies in KCK deli shooting; prosecutors charge suspected gunman
Posted 6:08 pm, July 12, 2019

KANSAS CITY, Kan. Police said Friday that a second victim died from a Wednesday shooting that happened at Edwards Original Corner Market and Deli, and a man is charged with killing both victims. Jermelle Byers, 39, is accused of killing 42-year-old Lachell Day and 62-year-old Dennis Edwards. In addition to first and second-degree murder charges, Byers also faces one count of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and one count of aggravated assault.

Edwards owned the popular KCK deli at 91 N. Mill Street. His brother told FOX4 on Wednesday that chaos began with an argument between a man and a woman in an SUV. That man is allegedly Byers, the woman is Day.

When Day went inside the store to get something, Byers followed, went inside and started shooting. Edwards said his brother tried to chase Byers out, but he was killed.

Im super depressed. Hes my brother. I grew up in that home, David Edwards said on Wednesday. Im gonna say he was the greatest person in the world. He helped people, people would ask for food He would give it to them.

Police arrived after the shooting and exchanged bullets with Byers after he pointed a handgun at them. No officers were hurt, and after a two-hour standoff, medics took him to an area hospital. Hes now in the Wyandotte County Jail and is being held on a $500,000 bond.

Izalia Marie Leal
July 10 at 7:38 PM

RIP Dennis 🙏🏼 KCK gotta do better. hard working , respectful, loving , people dying over ignorant drama that didnt have to happen . SAY HIS NAME , DENNIS EDWARDS

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