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Default Re: Toledo WM, 16 in critical condition after emergency brain surgery after negro baseball bat attac

'We grieve': Mother makes eloquent statement as North Toledo man gets 8 years for beating her son
Jun 6, 2019
10:55 AM

Shelly Bailey said she was hesitant to let her 16-year-old son go play sports and stay at a friend’s house one December evening.

Her son, Marcus Bailey, Jr., promised his mother that morning he would study for exams and begged to enjoy time with friends. She agreed.

“Gosh, I regret that so much,” Mrs. Bailey said as her voice broke and tears formed in her eyes.

There was hardly a dry eye in the courtroom gallery as Mrs. Bailey’s family and friends, as well as other court attendees, cried at the mother’s powerful story Thursday during Terry Pearson’s eight-year prison sentencing in Lucas County Common Pleas Court.

After issuing the sentence, Pearson looked over his shoulder and smirked with disapproval.

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