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Default Palestine, TX female clerk bound, WF customer burned after set on fire attempt during negro robbery

Police arrest armed robbery suspect accused of duct-taping clerk, setting customer on fire

Updated February 22 at 5:30 AM

PALESTINE, TX (KLTV) - Police have arrested a suspect who they say duct-taped a store clerk and a customer, then set the customer on fire during a robbery at a Palestine, Texas convenience store.

The robbery occurred Thursday morning at the Pit Stop on North Link Street.

Thursday afternoon officers arrested Robert Thompson, 40, at JJ’s Fast Stop in the 1200 block of East Palestine.

Thompson was arrested on a warrant for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and aggravated robbery.

According to Chief Andy Harvey, the suspect entered the store armed with a handgun. He is shown on surveillance video asking the store clerk for something from behind the counter, and when her back is turned, he is shown pulling a handgun out. He is then shown forcing the clerk into a corner behind the counter.

The video also shows the man - later identified as Thompson - going to the door of the store, and physically bringing a female customer into the store. He is shown duct-taping her behind the counter. He then doused the women with fluid, and lit the customer, identified by police as Della Witt-Denizeri, on fire.

Harvey said the clerk was able to help the customer get her burning shirt off. Denizeri was transported to a local hospital for treatment, and was then taken to a Dallas hospital for treatment.

“The suspect … decided to pour lighter fluid on the cashier and the customer. Right before he left, he lit a match and lit them on fire,"
Harvey said.

Later Harvey clarified that the customer was set on fire, while the clerk was crouched in the corner and doused with lighter fluid. The lighter fluid, the store owner said, had been bought by the suspect a short time before he re-entered the store to commit the crime.

“All I can say is thank God no one got hurt that bad," Pit Stop Owner Muhamammad Khan said.

During a press conference on Thursday night, Harvey said, “When you see that video, it’s just amazing that she was able to get away.”

Khan said that the man got away with between $700-800.

Armed robber tries to set clerk, customer on fire

An armed robber escaped a Palestine mini-mart with cash Thursday morning, after allegedly spraying a clerk and customer with lighter fluid and trying to set them on fire

Della Witt-Denizeri, a customer
at the Pit Stop, 1221 Link St., suffered burns to her head, face, and neck, after the armed assailant wrapped her and the store clerk, Linda Camire, with duct tape. He then sprayed them with lighter fluid.

Palestine Police Chief Andy Harvey said the suspect was unable to fully set fire to the victims. Nevertheless, Witt-Camire suffered burns and was transported to Palestine Regional Medical Center. She was then transferred to the burn center at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas.

Sandy Witt, Witt-Denizeri's aunt, told the Herald-Press she had visited her niece at Parkland Hospital burn center.

“Her hair is burned off in the front,” Witt said. “It looks like the hair actually melted in the back. Her hands are black, as if they were covered in soot. The doctors are keeping an eye to make sure she didn't inhale any of the flames.”

Parkland Hospital wouldn't comment on Witt-Denizeri's condition.

Della LaJean Witt-Denizeri

Lives in Palestine, Texas
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