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Default Abducted Fort Worth 8-year-old White girl found safe; negro in custody

Abducted Fort Worth 8-year-old found safe; suspect in custody

Updated May 19 2019 09:31AM CDT

Fort Worth police say a girl who was snatched from her mother while walking along a street Saturday eveing has been found safe.

An Amber Alert was issued for Salem Sabatka, who is 4-feet-5-inches tall and 56 pounds. She has brown hair and blue eyes. The kidnapping happened at 6:38 p.m. Saturday in the 2900 block of 6th Avenue, police said.

Salem and her mom were on a walk when a man in a vehicle approached the two. He grabbed the girl. The mother jumped in the vehicle to get her daughter back, but the suspect shoved her out and then drove away.

The mother immediately called police. Salem was wearing a shirt that says "Centennial" and green/seafoam colored leggings.

Police say a citizen located the suspect's vehicle and led police to a hotel where they found Salem and took her safely into custody. The suspect was also taken into custody.

Sabatka Family History

Sabatka Name Meaning

Czech (Šabatka): from a pet form of the personal name Šebestián (see Sebastian). Altered spelling of Hungarian Szabadkai or Szabatkai, a habitational name for someone from Szabadka (Serbian name Subotica) in Vojvodina, Serbia, or from some place similarly named in Hungary.
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