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Default Police: ‘This Negro Is Someone That Is Nothing But Pure Evil’

Police: ‘This Person Is Someone That Is Nothing But Pure Evil’
January 3, 2018 at 10:35 am

POPLAR BLUFF, Mo. (KMOX) – A 6-year-old is at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital, her mother’s boyfriend accused of child abuse after she was tossed, hit a stove and was knocked unconscious for at least two hours before anyone called for help.

It happened in Poplar Bluff on Tuesday, and the little girl’s status is unknown after she was treated for a brain bleed, collapsed lung, broken ribs and bruising all over her body. She was first taken to Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center Emergency Room, then flown to Cardinal Glennon in St. Louis.

The suspect is 27-year-old Damien Gaylor, the child’s mother’s boyfriend. Police say they initially were called to the scene and told a 6-year-old had fallen. During interviews with police, he admitted to throwing the child into the corner of a couch and pushing her down, causing her to strike her head against a stove. The child was unconscious, police say, but Gaylor did not try to help the child until her mother, 25-year-old Shakima Eure returned home – which was after about two hours.

Poplar Bluff Police Chief Danny Whiteley made a statement about Gaylor:

“This person is someone that is nothing but pure evil. He needs to be held fully accountable for his despicable actions on an innocent child and hopefully will never see the light of day again.”
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