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Default Re: Here’s a breakdown of every scandal swirling around Hillary

Bill Clinton's Ex-Lover Describes Meeting Hillary: 'Lumpy, Thick Calves, Hairy Toes'
"Nothing about them has changed in the past forty-plus years, except that they have deluded more and more people."
6.10.2016 | Trey Sanchez

A recently released memoir from one of Bill Clinton's ex-lovers from Arkansas eviscerates Hillary Clinton and reveals how the political power couple haven't changed their "lying, cheating, manipulative, ruthlessly aggressive" ways in over 40 years.

Dolly Kyle has written Hillary, the Other Woman which is described by Daily Mail as a "bombshell book" that speaks to her love affair with Bill that started after high school and ended when the Clintons moved into the White House. Kyle said she was very "codependent" on "Billy [the] sex addict," whom she said often lamented the fact that Wilt Chamberlain had slept with ten times (20,000) as many women as he.

It was in the mid-70s when Kyle met Hillary Rodham for the first time while "Billy" was attending Yale. She recalls that Bill had moved in with Hillary -- assuring her she had NOTHING to worry about -- and how Bill had found his bread and butter:

Hillary's role of providing financial security for Billy was part of her motivation for the series of financial crimes (yes, crimes) that she committed over the decades.

When the new roommates flew back to Arkansas for a visit, Kyle describes seeing Hillary for the first time:

I couldn't imagine why Billy would haul such a person in the plane with him in public. She was wearing a misshapen, brown, dress-like thing that must have been intended to hide her lumpy body. The garment was long, but stopped too soon to hide her fat ankles and her thick calves covered with black hair. Thick brown sandals did nothing to conceal her wide feet and the hair on her toes.

In that moment, I noticed that the woman emitted an overpowering odor of perspiration and greasy hair. I hoped that I wouldn't gag when she got in the car.

I was stunned [and remember thinking this was] some kind of a sick joke - a woman in a hideous disguise.
Kyle goes on to knock how the Clintons would do anything to achieve the political power they craved. The plan all along was for Hillary to help get her husband elected president so that it would pave the way for her to be the first female in the Oval Office, she states.

The "Warden" is what Kyle said Bill called Hillary. She states that Bill reluctantly got Hillary pregnant in order that they would appear as a normal couple -- "to take attention off the Warden's lifestyle. He did not use the word lesbian," the report states. Three months after Chelsea was born, Hillary was back to work and the struggle for power raged on.

Kyle pulls no punches when talking about Hillary:

Hillary is not a leader. She is a coattail-clutcher who has a litany of jobs with no accomplishments.

In her speeches and on her website, without giving any evidence of what she has done, Hillary states that she has been fighting for women for over forty years. She is confused again. She has been attacking women for over forty years.

She also describes Hillary's violent tendencies towards her security detail; something detailed in another new book written by a former Secret Service officer of the Clinton White House who has firsthand experience.

During the Gennifer Flowers-affair scandal of 1992, Kyle says that the Clintons wanted her to appear with them on television and reveal her former relationship with Bill but to lie and say he was never involved with Flowers, in hopes to quiet the media storm. Kyle said Hillary wanted the Flowers story to go away so that it wouldn't derail his presidential bid.

But as is noted, Kyle refused and was told, "Bill and Hillary will have to destroy you."

On the Clintons as a power couple, Kyle writes:

Billy and Hillary Clinton continue to be lying, cheating, manipulative, scratching, clawing, ruthlessly aggressive, insatiably ambitious politicians who are giving public service a bad name – and nothing about them has changed in the past forty-plus years, except that they have deluded more and more people.

The Clintons and their misled supporters have rewritten history to suit their political agenda, which is to get votes to get power to get money to get more power to get more money.

The Clintons' vicious cycle of intertwining greed and power addictions will have no limit, unless someone stands up and announces, "The emperor has no clothes!" Here am I.

Ideology, integrity, and love of country were never involved in the "Billary" quest for the White House.

It was always a codependent, co-conspiratorial grab for money and power and more money and more power. Unfortunately for them and for the United States of America, there is never enough to satisfy addicts.
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