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Default Re: Here’s a breakdown of every scandal swirling around Hillary

Democrats wasted a historic moment nominating Hillary
By Post Editorial Board
June 8, 2016 | 3:02am

Congratulations, Democrats: With Tuesday’s voting, you’re making history — the first major US political party to nominate a woman for president.

Too bad it had to be Hillary Clinton.

OK, she “earned” it — all those years supporting (and enabling) Bill; all that tedious work in the Senate; all those frequent-flier miles at State. Not to mention the diligent fundraising for the Clinton Foundation, and the drudgery of endless speeches to Goldman Sachs and the rest of the 1 percent.

“Showing up” may be 90 percent of life, but it seems to be 100 percent of Clinton’s record of achievement.

What a role model.

Yes, she won the nomination fair and square — but she only wrapped it up on the last real day of the primaries, and her only opponent was a vintage socialist. And to beat him, she had to flip-flop on everything from free trade to crime, disavowing the entire Bill Clinton legacy.

She turns to the general election as one of the most unpopular nominees in American history — in trouble even with women, the group that was supposed to flock to the ultimate glass-ceiling-breaker.

Her hopes rest on painting her opponent as frightening and hateful, practically a Hitler clone. How inspiring.

She’ll have the media on her side, eagerly calling every criticism “sexist.” And some sexist attacks will come — the country has too many hit-hungry websites and tired pundits for it to be any other way.

But most slams will land because she’s Hillary Clinton: a leader so paranoid, she just had to use that home-brew email server to keep her communications secret; so grasping that she couldn’t say no to Goldman and the rest, even though she and Bill were (somehow) already stinking rich.

She and her husband have spent their lives blurring every ethical line. “No Smoking Gun” is practically the family motto.

The hits that matter won’t have a thing to do with her gender: Her record is all the target the Republicans need.
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