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Default Australian white mum visiting London stabbed her in front of child by a negro

Mum screamed ‘I’ve been attacked’ after knifeman stabbed her in front of child
Tuesday 31 Dec 2019 2:53 pm

A mum shouted ‘I’ve been attacked’ after she was stabbed in the back while pushing her child in a pram, a witness has said. Josephine Conlon, 36, had been visiting family in Streatham Hill, South London, when she was knifed three times by a man at 5.30pm on December 30. She was then rushed to hospital, where her injuries were said to be not life-threatening or life-changing. Her child was unharmed in the attack. The man, described as being a 6ft tall black man in dark clothing, ran from the scene down Downton Avenue.

‘I didn’t know at the time that she’d actually been stabbed from behind. She was with a child of about two who didn’t seem too distressed thankfully. ‘Apparently she’d tried to call her husband straight after she was attacked but couldn’t get through so rang a friend to let him know what happened.’ Ms Conlon and her husband are believed to be visiting the UK from Australia.
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