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Default Black Man Charged In New Year’s Day Machete Attack At Wife’s Bethlehem Home

Man Charged In New Year’s Day Machete Attack At Wife’s Bethlehem Home
January 3, 2020 at 8:41 am

BETHLEHEM, Pa. (CBS/AP) – A man who barged into his estranged wife’s home in Lehigh Valley on New Year’s Day and attacked a man there with a machete is now facing numerous charges, authorities said. Bethlehem police responded to the home around 1:20 a.m. Wednesday and found Shakime Riddick, 42, who is homeless, fighting with the man over control of a machete.

The man was bleeding from several cuts on his body.

Riddick’s wife – who has a protection from abuse order against him – said he had called her multiple times Tuesday night and then came to the house even though she told him not to and that he wasn’t allowed inside.

When Riddick started banging on the door, the man in the home with Riddick’s wife opened it to find Riddick standing outside. Riddick swung the machete at the man, who slammed the door and grabbed a baseball bat, authorities said.

Riddick then entered the home and attacked the man, who tackled Riddick and tried to wrest the machete from him, authorities said, adding that Riddick also tried to gouge the man’s eyes.

The ensuing struggle lasted for about 10-15 minutes before officers arrived.

Riddick faces numerous charges, including aggravated assault and defiant trespassing. It wasn’t known Friday if he’s retained an attorney.

Riddick’s estranged wife was not injured in the incident. The man he attacked was treated at a hospital for several cuts and puncture wounds to his torso and arms.
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