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Comments posted and link content on this forum are not those of the NNN editor,
or any other posters, or those of this web-site's host.

(Actually, 99% of the content of the New Nation News website are external links to major news media
and other websites. The viewpoints of all 'guest commentators posted or hosted by NNN
are not 'necessarily' the viewpoints of the NNN editor - but hopefully of some interest to some NNN readers.)

New Nation News is not an 'organization' but a personal non-commercial website reporting on topics of interest to the broad and disunited spectrum of 'White Nationalists'. NNN is not a 'front' for any other organization and does not sel
l anything, solicit donations, accept advertising nor advocate anything illegal.

Although various posters here may link to or promote various philosophies
and/or organizations - that does not imply that the Editor of
New Nation News website supports those philosophies or organizations.

Besides a few 'editorial quips' in green font on the front page of New Nation News...
the editorial position of the Editor of New Nation News is summarized in

Editorials by the Editor of New Nation News
Editor of New Nation News
and Newsroom Administrator