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Default Re: Muslim terror attack Berlin Christian market

Berlin Christmas market attack suspect 'an asylum seeker from Pakistan' – live

According to De Maizière, the suspect, Naved B., speaks Balochi, one of five regional languages spoken in Pakistan. De Maizière said there had been problems questioning him in the past because no translator could be found who spoke Baluchi.

Earlier in the press conference, he said the driver had fled the scene and that one of the 12 people who died was found dead on the passenger seat of the truck. He was shot with a pistol, De Maizière said.

De Maizière said we “must not compromise our lifestyle, if we do that the enemies of freedom have already won” adding: “We are deeply saddened but we also fight for our freedom.”

He confirmed that Christmas markets in Berlin will be closed today, but will be open in the rest of theGermany. “To simply stop would be wrong,” he said.
De Maizière: man arrested comes from Pakistan and had applied for asylum

Germany’s interior minister, Thomas de Maizière, has just given a press conference in Berlin. He has confirmed reports that the arrested man is from Pakistan and had applied for asylum. He arrived inGermany*on 31 December 2015 and in Berlin in February.

De Maizière also confirmed that the man, who has been arrested on suspicion of carrying out the attack, has denied the charges.

De Maizière says he is not giving much attention to the ISIS message claiming responsibility for the attack.

He confirmed he will attend the vigil for the victims at 6 pm in the Memorial Church on the square where the attack took place.

De Maizière said investigators will not rest until they have completed their investigation into the attack.

He urged once again for Christmas markets to remain open, but warned people to remain vigilant. He said it would be “a lovely idea to go to a Christmas market and buy a crib”.

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