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Default Re: OCCUPY, has regrouped; network with BLM & other anarchist movements such as ANTIFA.

Early on 2009, Sipsey Street Irregulars, on Mark Pitcavage. It's funny, really.

Pitcavage on Oath Keepers and Threepers: ADL's Attack Blimp Strikes Again

"Anti-government" is as anti-government does.


Sipsey's still has an active BLOG list

Mark Pitcavage, resident gasbag at ADL.

I first introduced Mark Pitcavage, ADL's attack blimp, in this post back in March. Back in the 90s, I crossed electronic swords often with this puke, who used to get paid by the FBI for all the names of militia folk he could glean by trolling the Internet.

Back then, this was his logo:

Now the attack blimp has delivered another pre-emptive prevarication strike on Threepers and Oath Keepers ADL here.

I'd originally got interested in studying Obama/Holder's Project Gunwalker Scandal Resources David Codrea's Journalist Guides:
ALL of Sipsey's "Gunwalker" LINKS ARE DEFUNCT

A journalist’s guide to ‘Project Gunwalker’-Part One
Part Two

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