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Default Re: New York City - Miscegenous Mayor 'Comrade' Bill De Blasio in the news

De Blasio cronies are still making record amounts of cash
By Michael Gartland
March 2, 2017 | 1:06pm

James Capalino
Patrick McMullan

Big Apple-based lobbyists raked in record-setting total pay for the third straight year — with Mayor de Blasio’s pal and fundraiser James Capalino still at the top of the heap, data from the City Clerk revealed Thursday.

Capalino is the lobbyist embroiled in several City Hall pay-to-play controversies that has caught the eyes of prosecutors — including the lifting of the Rivington House deed restriction and the conversion of Long Island College into luxury housing.

His firm, James F. Capalino & Associates, raked in $13.5 million in 2016 — $500,000 more than the roughly $12.9 million in payments it received in 2015.

Since de Blasio took office in 2014, Capalino has nearly tripled its earnings.

The new figures from the clerk’s office come as de Blasio faces probes into whether his administration illegally traded political favors for campaign contributions.

Capalino lobbied City Hall on behalf of the Rivington House nursing home to have deed restrictions lifted from the property just 16 days after de Blasio took office.

The sale and re-sale of the Lower East Side property — and the city’s eventual lifting of deed restrictions there — has sparked a number of federal and state probes.

Capalino has so far raised $44,940 for the mayor’s 2017 re-election bid and gave $10,000 to the Campaign for One New York, a non-profit now under investigation by the feds that raised more than $4.3 million to back de Blasio’s pet projects.

Capalino clients include Two Trees, Toll Brothers, Asphalt Green, Brookfield Properties and Douglaston Development also contributed to CONY.

Capalino was the lobbyist who also pressed top de Blasio officials to back luxury condos at a former Brooklyn hospital site at the same time he was writing big checks to de Blasio’s political causes.

De Blasio last year said he would no longer meet with his “friend” Capalino on city business following claims the veteran lobbyist was getting favored treatment.
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