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Default Who's a good boy! Dog helps officers nab robbery spook in Lufkin, TX

Who's a good boy! Dog helps officers nab robbery suspect in Lufkin
“Without that dog’s help, we never would have found the suspect.”

Updated: 9:39 PM CDT August 7, 2019

LUFKIN, Texas — A little dog had a big role in the arrest of a robbery suspect in Lufkin on Wednesday, according to police.

The 3-year-old Yorkie/Schnauzer mix named Cooper led officers right to where Christopher Huitt, 36, was hiding.

Wednesday morning, police say they received a call about a robbery that happened behind an H-E-B store.

The victim told police she was pushed to the ground by two men who took $60 from her before running away.

When officers got to the scene, they started searching the area and noticed Cooper nearby.

The pup was near a wooded area, wagging his tail and attempting to enter the thick brush.

“We could tell from the dog’s behavior that someone was in there,” one officer said. “Without that dog’s help, we never would have found the suspect.”

Huitt was arrested soon after and was identified as one of the robbers by the victim. Officers are now looking for the other suspect involved.

Before being taken to jail, Huitt told officers Cooper is his neighbor’s dog and followed him when he left their neighborhood on foot earlier that morning.

"Cooper was returned to his owner who got the quite a kick out of his escapades." the department said.

Police said this is the second time in less than a week that Huitt has been arrested for robbery.

On Friday, he allegedly stole a purse from a woman near First Baptist Church and fled on foot.
Officers found him and took him into custody. That victim’s money was recovered and returned to her.

During his Friday arrest, he was also found in possession of a laptop and a digital camera reported stolen earlier that morning from Denum Moving Company.
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