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Default Ahmaud Arbery, history of mental illness & aggressive behavior - needs more followup

Before apparent video of Ahmaud Arbery shooting, a community was rallying for answers

Community members say a lack of information and attitudes about privilege and race have tainted an emotional case that has grabbed national attention.

But in a letter in April to a Glynn County police captain initially obtained by The New York Times, Barnhill defended the McMichaels' actions, as well as a third man who was part of the incident, writing they had "solid first hand probable cause" to chase after Arbery, a "burglary suspect," and stop him. Barnhill also said that after watching the video of the incident, "given the fact Arbery initiated the fight" and grabbed the shotgun, Travis McMichael "was allowed to use deadly force to protect himself" under Georgia law.
In addition, Barnhill said that Arbery's "mental health records & prior convictions help explain his apparent aggressive nature and his possible thought pattern to attack an armed man."
A 911 call made before the chase suggested that a black man a potential burglary suspect had been looking around a home on the McMichaels' block that was under construction.
Richards said Barnhill's letter only angered him and others in the community who don't believe Arbery committed any crime, or at least one that he needed to die for.
"It's very strange coming from a district attorney who is supposed to be a victim advocate," Richards said.

The negro had mental illness and aggressive nature and also prior convictions. WHAT were they?

Some are listed here, article needs followup. I ran into a problem and cannot finish this one.

Georgia man charged with killing Ahmaud Arbery previously investigated him

By Amanda Woods

May 8, 2020 | 9:32am mpaign=zergnet_5183493

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