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Default Re: Negro Arrest Made In Bomb Threats ADL, Joo Institutions; Ooks Set Up By Wite Wimman Hims Dated

Disgraced reporter re-sentenced to 5 years for phony bomb threats

By Emily Saul
December 16, 2019 | 7:51pm

Juan Thompson

A Manhattan federal court judge re-sentenced a former journalist to five years behind bars Monday for trying to frame his ex-girlfriend in a phony plot to bomb Jewish community centers — but not before the woman trashed him in court.

Juan Thompson committed acts of domestic violence and domestic terrorism,” Francesca Rossi told judge Kevin Castel of her ex, who avoided eye contact as his victim detailed his years of abuse.

Rossi detailed for the court how Thompson sent her mother death threats, blackmailed her with her own nude photos while demanding Bitcoin, and managed to evade service for nine separate restraining orders she’s filed since 2015.

She blasted him for “using the Jewish community as a tool” and said she still lives with a “sense of dread” — especially since he still tweets about her from prison.

“This was never no O.J. type s–t. I hated that white woman straightaway,” he tweeted back in April while in federal custody.

Rossi begged Castel to “keep me and others safe.”

The 34-year-old was sentenced to five years in prison in 2017 after he admitted to calling in 12 bomb threats — warning of a “Jewish Newtown” — to various Jewish community centers while attempting to pin the blame on Rossi.

Franceesca Rossi
Steven Hirsch

Yet a higher court vacated his sentence in April after they determined Thompson had never been properly served with a restraining order and therefore would have faced less time under federal sentencing guidelines.

Thompson also addressed the judge Monday, blaming a “psycho-racial crisis” brought on by his time in media, where he was “immersed in whiteness and bouginess.”

The former reporter for The Intercept also apologized to the Jewish community, and said that he’d stopped eating meat in prison and was practicing yoga every day.

After imposing sentence, Castel said told Thompson he should be ashamed of himself.

“As an intelligent person, you should feel the shame associated with your conduct,” the judge said.

Thompson’s defense attorney Mark Gombiner declined to comment as he left court.
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