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Default Palm Springs, CA Female, 65 Beaten, Sexually Assaulted By Negro Neighbor

Man Suspected Of Home Invasion And Sexual Assault Of Woman Pleaded Not Guilty
March 22, 2019 10:07 AM

A Palm Springs man suspected of breaking into his 65-year-old neighbor’s apartment, physically and sexually assaulting the woman, then stealing her SUV, pleaded not guilty Friday.

Demitri Giles, 45, is accused of coaxing his way into the woman’s apartment in the 300 block of East Stevens Road about 9 a.m. Monday by saying he had some of her mail, according to Palm Springs police Sgt. Mike Casavan.

The victim is identified in official documents as Jane Doe.

A declaration in support of increased bail filed on Tuesday and released Thursday at the courthouse painted a different picture.

A declaration for increased bail argued that, Giles “forcefully entered Doe’s residence, struck Doe with a closed fist and a small hammer that caused severe swelling to her face, moved her around the apartment and tied her up with cords,” as well as sexual assault.

The maximum bail for Giles’ suspected charges is $50,000.

The declaration, which increased Giles bail to $1 million, also said Giles had scissors and zip ties upon arrest.
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