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Default Re: De Blasio in secret bid to be Dems’ 2016 pick

De Blasio says investigations are just part of the job
By Yoav Gonen and Kirstan Conley
June 3, 2016 | 10:19pm

He’s the only city elected official known to be under investigation — but Mayor de Blasio insists probes of those in public office are a dime a dozen.

“I think investigations are unfortunately, in modern American public life, they are part of the woodwork now,” the mayor (left) said Friday on NY1.

During an appearance on WNYC radio, he also said the public shouldn’t make too much out of the investigations.

“People who have done nothing wrong still get investigated,” de Blasio said.

The mayor’s fund-raising efforts on behalf of several entities are being probed by the US attorney and the Manhattan DA, while a suspicious real- *estate move by the city is being looked at by four *investigative bodies.

Asked about his recent public squabbles with Gov. Cuomo, de Blasio didn’t sound overly optimistic the pair would be singing “Kumbaya” any time soon.

“Hope springs eternal, and you know, there’s always a chance that things in any relationship can be worked out,” he said.

The mayor also again declined to apologize to state workers for saying they were out to get him because of their ties to the Governor’s Office — which Cuomo said they deserve.

“In this case he has been proven definitively wrong,” Cuomo said at an event in Melville, LI.
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