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Default Re: De Blasio in secret bid to be Demsí 2016 pick

Charter school blasts Mayor de Blasio as saboteur
By Selim Algar
June 1, 2016 | 3:45pm

Furious Success Academy officials announced the cancellation of their pre-K programs for next year and blasted Mayor de Blasio for sabotaging their effort to provide parental school choice.

“It is unbelievably sad to tell parents and teachers that the courts won’t rescue our pre-k program from the mayor’s war on Success in time to open next year,” Success Academy founder and CEO Eva Moskowitz said in a statement.

The charter school network operated three pre-K programs in Harlem, Williamsburg and Cobble Hill and planned to open two new locations next year.

But the group refused to sign a contract with the city that entitled them to pre-K funding because they said it transferred too much power over their programming to city hall.

“The contract forced on charter schools by the administration strips charters of their autonomy over curriculum, regulates the school day down to the minute, and arbitrarily limits field trips, among other overreaches,” the organization said in a statement.

Success Academy is seeking relief in court but said Wednesday that the case would not be resolved in time to operate next year.

De Blasio has countered that other pre-K charter providers agreed to sign the contract and that it served as a mechanism to ensure quality.

“For the first time, every child in New York City has access to free, full-day, high quality pre-K programs across district, charter, parochial and early education centers,” said Department of Education spokeswoman Devora Kaye.

“The State upheld our important standards to ensure all programs are high quality, and we look forward to welcoming more charter schools and organizations across every neighborhood to Pre-K for All to provide families with this critical year of academic learning,” she said.

But in an open letter to de Blasio, a group of Success pre-K parents argued that he was scuttling their access to broader school choice.

“When you made the decision to withhold funding for Success Academy’s pre-k you sent a clear signal to charter school families like ours that politics is more important than our children’s education,” the letter reads. “To say we are disappointed would be a massive understatement.

“You say you care about inequality, and yet you keep working-class families who cannot afford private school or to move out of the city from getting access to world-class education, our ticket to equity. We will not forget your hypocrisy.”

The cancellation will force pre-K parents who won lottery spots for Success schools to now scramble for new programs, the organization said.

The DOE said they will provide pre-K enrollment specialists to assist Success students find new programs.
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