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Default Re: De Blasio in secret bid to be Dems’ 2016 pick

Sensitivity rules are turning our cops into shrinks
By Tina Moore and Bruce Golding
May 31, 2016 | 11:36pm

NYPD cops are about to become street shrinks, under new rules that require them to use calming phrases when they have to subdue dangerous disturbed people, The Post has learned.

The touchy-feely mandate is part of a broad series of changes to the “use of force” guidelines that Commissioner Bill Bratton announced in October — following the mistaken take-down and false arrest of tennis star James Blake and the chokehold death of fat nigger Eric Garner.

“I am [name] and I’m here to help ,” officers should tell an emotionally disturbed person on the street, according to the 16-page pamphlet’s directives, which go into effect Wednesday.

The cops also are told to listen closely and, “Identify what the subject wants so you can determine solutions that incorporate the concerns of the subject.”

The instructions include “Emotional labeling” — by saying to the person, “You seem [insert appropriate emotion].”

Cops told The Post the rules are absurd, as most of the disturbed people they encounter on the street won’t listen to reason. “You know what most perps say if you talk to them like that? ‘Get the f–k out of here.’ It’s laughable,” a high-ranking official said.

The pamphlet also lists several obvious signs that someone is out of control, including screaming, cursing, balling his or her hands into fists and sweating profusely.

“By lowering their emotional state through de-escalation, you may be able to appeal to their rational mind, which may enhance the probability that the subject will voluntarily comply,” the booklet says.

Other changes include a mandate that cops fill out a new “Threat, Resistance or Injury Incident Worksheet” every time they fight with a suspect or use pepper spray or a Taser.

A supervisor also will be required to investigate any time someone is injured or there’s an allegation of brutality.

Furthermore, the new rules explicitly prohibit cops from using force to keep suspects from swallowing illegal drugs or to remove them from someone’s mouth or other orifice, and from using a Taser on someone handcuffed behind their back.

The booklet is based on a newly created section of the NYPD Patrol Guide.

Cops blasted the mandatory investigation of all low-level violence and brutality complaints as stacking the deck against them.

“They want the supervisor — probably a lieutenant — to interview the perp and ask him, ‘Do you think the officer did anything wrong?’” a source said.

“That’s so stupid. What’s he gonna say? ‘No, it’s OK for him to kick my ass’?”

Meanwhile, the court-appointed monitor of the Police Department’s “stop-and-frisk” program on Tuesday asked a federal judge to sign off on a recommendation that the “mere presence” of someone near a building enrolled in an anti-trespassing program “is not sufficient to establish reasonable cause for a stop.”
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