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Default Re: WM killed by stray bullet outside Midtown STL MetroLink; 2 negros charged

Two charged with murder of bystander during attempted MetroLink station robbery

Posted 10:39 am, January 18, 2019

ST. LOUIS, Mo. — Two suspects are under arrest for the murder of Craig LeFebvre in August, 2018. Armani McKinley, 20, and Antreion Betts, 19, are now facing felony 2nd-degree murder charges along with armed criminal action, and robbery charges.

Roth “Craig” LeFebvre, the St. Louis County Health Department spokesperson since 2007, was an innocent bystander who was shot and killed during a robbery attempt at the Grand Boulevard MetroLink station in the city of St. Louis. LeFebvre was shot in the chest and died at the hospital.

The robbery victim spoke with police and explained that McKinley and a group of others tried to steal his money, bus pass and cell phone. He says that McKinley pointed a gun at him and racked it several times. The victim fired in response to the robbery and unintentionally struck Lefebvre. McKinley was grazed by the bullet.
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