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Default Re: New York City - Miscegenous Mayor 'Comrade' Bill De Blasio in the news

Republican mayoral candidate out-raises de Blasio by a lot
By Yoav Gonen
March 15, 2017 | 2:53pm

Paul Massey
William Farrington

Republic mayoral candidate Paul Massey out-raised Mayor de Blasio by more than 2-to-1 over the last two months — hauling in over $850,000 to Hizzoner’s $394,000, the campaigns announced Wednesday.

Official filings with the city’s Campaign Finance Board — which spell out each campaign’s spending levels as well — weren’t expected to be posted until later.

At the end of the last filing period, de Blasio had $2.2 million in his campaign coffers — not counting substantial matching public funds he’s expected to receive.

Massey, who hasn’t submitted any claims for matching funds, was sitting on $937,017 as of his latest filing.

His campaign claimed his haul was a record for a March filing period, which covers Jan. 12 through March 11.

“Almost without exception, New Yorkers tell me that they are ready for a new mayor,” Massey said in a statement.

“I will do whatever it takes to win this election, to ensure our children, seniors and most vulnerable are given more importance than the special interests, and most important, bring back integrity to City Hall.”

De Blasio’s campaign emphasized that he’s been focusing on small-dollar donations, although he took a recent trip to Florida and California seeking out-of-state dollars.

He took in more than 3,000 donations — 95 percent of them for $175 or less — in the latest filing period, campaign officials said.

“Our campaign continues to focus on harnessing the grassroots energy behind the mayor’s campaign,” said Elana Leopold, finance director for de Blasio’s re-election committee.

The mayor’s ability to raise top-dollar donations has been hampered by state and federal probes of pay-to-play allegations connected to his prior fundraising efforts.

No charges have been filed, and the recent firing of Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara — as part of a national purge of 46 US attorneys — is likely to delay that office’s probe for the near future.
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