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Default Re: This will never go national because one of the victims is white|

Rape victim in Veto Street assault, robbery gives tearful statement as four sent to prison
May 29, 2013 at 5:43 PM

GRAND RAPIDS, MI -- As she tried to hold back tears in a Kent County courtroom, a young woman raped in a brutal home invasion and assault of college students described her emotional damage to her attackers.

Her statement was brief but powerful as she talked about dreading even looking at the four men.

"I hope during your (prison) you will reflect on your terrible decisions and your wrongdoing and that you can become a better person," she said.

She describe the situation as a "nightmare" that has been "playing over and over again in my head."

The young woman's comments came moments before Kent County Circuit Court Judge George Buth sentenced the men -- Brandon Towns, 26; James Hodges, 20; Dorian Jones, 21; and Rederick Melton, 21 -- to prison terms ranging from a minimum of 43 years to a maximum of 100 years.

Buth issued consecutive sentences for each man.

Jones and Melton were sentenced to 18-40 years on four counts of armed robbery, another seven to 20 years for home invasion and an additional 18-40 years for three counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct.

Hodges was sentenced to 20-40 years, 10-20 years and 20-40 years for the same series of charges, while Towns got 25-40 years, 12-20 years and 25-40 years.

Towns had previous felonies on his record.
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