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Default Re: New Nation Swastika Sightings

This guy hawking Nazi relics is pissing off flea market shoppers
By Khristina Narizhnaya and Emily Saul
December 14, 2015 | 1:41am

This man -- who refused to give his name -- says he's not doing anything offensive. Photo: John M. Mantel

A vendor has been selling Nazi memorabilia at a Manhattan flea market, outraging shoppers stunned to see the hateful relics hawked out in the open.

The man has set up shop at the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market, offering medals, pins, knives, rings, coins, images of Adolf Hitler, and clippings from Hitler’s wartime magazine, Signal.

There’s even a massive metallic Reichsadler — the Nazis’ Imperial Eagle emblem — hanging from his display on the block-long stretch of West 39th Street, where the offerings are typically clothing, jewelry, crafts and other knickknacks.

Approached Sunday by The Post, the man, who refused to give his name, shrugged off suggestions that he was doing anything offensive.

“I buy this stuff at estate sales. I have no connection to it,” he said, adding that his grandfather was Jewish. “I don’t only sell this. I sell Jewish, American, whatever I can get. Collector’s items, that’s all it is.”

He said he started offering the Nazi loot about six months ago after he mistakenly bought medals at an estate sale and realized he could turn a profit.

“A lot of Jewish people buy it,” he said. “I was at an auction, and there was a [Nazi] medal for $8,000. A rabbi bought it, believe it or not.”

Shoppers were aghast.

“It’s very bad, awful, horrible,” Manana Guginava, a tour guide, said after surveying the wares.

These people who are advertising Hitler and his signs and speeches — these people must be taken to prison ,” added Guginava, 68, who said her family fled Romania after the Nazis invaded.

“It’s awful. You can’t do everything for the sake of money.”

Another shopper, Emily Shwartz, 25, said, “That’s super upsetting, especially being Jewish myself and having family killed in concentration camps.”

A shopper who gave her name only as Susan T. fumed: “It’s disgusting. It’s inappropriate, especially in New York, because we’re so ethnically and religiously diverse.”

“So many people that suffered through concentration camps live here in New York.”

Last week, The Post reported that vendors at the flea market, which sits between Ninth and 10th avenues, claim they are regularly harassed by its operators, Alan and Helene Boss.

The vendors say the couple rules with an iron fist, terrorizing sellers by upending tables and yelling racist epithets.

The couple could not be immediately reached for comment.
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