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Default Re: New Nation Swastika Sightings

Swastikas Carved Into Dorm Room Door At Rowan University
December 8, 2015 2:28 PM By David Madden

GLASSBORO, NJ (CBS) – Rowan University officials are dealing with a case of hate speech in a college dorm late last week.

Several swastikas were carved into a door at Chestnut Hall, a facility that houses freshmen and sophomores at the Glassboro school.

“There were some carvings on a couple of the doors,” Rowan spokesman Joe Cardona told KYW Newsradio, “but none of the students in those rooms identified themselves as being Jewish or anything.”

The markings were quickly removed from the door.

School officials met with students in that dorm suite to attempt to gather information on who might be responsible. Given security in the building, Cardona believes a student or a friend might be behind this.

“The student would go through a judicial process, if it is in fact a student,” Cardona said, “while someone from the outside obviously we’d have to do a no trespass thing.”

The university also sent out an e-mail to all students that an incident like this is “completely inconsistent with Rowan’s values.”
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