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Default Sambo Security Guard Arrested For Sexual Assault While Impersonating An Officer

Baltimore Police Dept. | Security Guard Arrested For Alleged Sexually Assault While Impersonating An Officer

June 12, 2019 at 9:07 am

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore City Police Commissioner Michael Harrison announced the arrest of a man who allegedly sexually assaulted a woman while posing as a police officer.

Richard Barnes, 50
, is charged with rape, assault and impersonating an officer. Police say that Barnes was wearing a security guard uniform.

Barnes is a security guard at Shock Trauma.

“Barnes then identified himself as a police officer,” Harrison said. “He ordered the victim out of the vehicle and into his car. He then drove the victim to another location where he allegedly sexually assaulted her.”

Police said that the incident happened in Charles Village on June 1.

The victim initially told police it was a police officer who assaulted her near the 2700 block of Lovegrove Street.

That forced the department to pull more than 100 police units from the streets and scrub them for possible evidence.

Cameras in the area, however, eventually led investigators to Barnes.
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