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Default Re: Murder Spook In Custody; Woman, Baby Dead Following Hit-And-Run On 15 Fwy Near Baker, CA

A nigger from Tulsa wif the same name on Faceberg:

Calvin DaRealest Pittman

Calvin DaRealest Pittman
October 6, 2017

Da Truth shall set you Free! Shalom!

Calvin DaRealest Pittman
September 27, 2017

All my Black Hebrew Brothers & Sisters, please don't forget to come join me this Saturday @ Guthrie Green time 6pm. It's "Da Movement," I will be speaking @ 7pm. I will be speaking upon Gang Violence & trying to Unite my brothers, as well as, the Corruption of DHS/CPS & the Govt. So please join me this Saturday, 6pm @ Guthrie Green, to show your support because Black Hebrew Lives, "DOES MATTER!!!" May "Yahweh" be with US, Shalom!
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