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Default Re: Violent black on white rapist Wendell Baker cleared for release from jail in UK.

I told my friend today about the release of negro rapist of white woman, Wendell Baker in UK.
She said, "I don't think it was a real person, it was the movie."

Looking at that 2005 Hollywood movie. Lead actor in movie "Wendell Baker" is a white guy, Luke Wilson. Some, have considered Hollywood to be Satanic. Over the years, I'd figured out how they use names as an obfuscation of real truth. Like Michael Luther King Jr., they changed his name to Martin Luther. Most people know Ignatius Loyola & his "Society of Jesus" aka Jesuits were organized to assassinate Martin Luther back in 1500s for his 93 Edicts against the Jews, tacked onto the front doors of the Catholic Church.

Hollywood and news is & always has been Gaslighting American people to sow seeds of doubt and cause confusion. Like my friend's response to the news.

Got to be real careful of the influence of Hollywood and celebrities like diehard SJW Kim Kardashian who's getting these violent blacks like Rodney Reed released in USA.
Meanwhile, Kanye West & Kim bought their 2 homes up in Montana, far from the crowds of criminals we'll see in a year or two.

Luke Wilson movie: The Wendell Baker Story

Luke Wilson used an 1899 book named McTeague is a dentist of limited intellect from a poor miner's family, who has opened a dentist shop on Polk Street in San Francisco (his first name is never revealed; other characters in the novel call him simply "Mac."). ALL the characters were white people, in the films and plays.

Last thoughts, out of the literally hundreds of people who worked on the film for a year or more, not one said,
"Maybe Wendell Baker isn't a good name for our film. Did you hear about the guy in UK in 1997"
The book Luke Wilson wrote the screenplay from, there isn't a Wendell Baker character. The Wilson brothers were born straight out of STRATFOR country. Texas. LUKE is the one who plays in films to make white boys & men look stupid. Like Norman LEAR did in sitcoms!
They're not stupid.
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