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Default Negro abandons beaten dog, Humane Rescue Alliance offering $5,000 reward for his arrest

Man abandons beaten dog, Humane Rescue Alliance offering $5,000 reward for his arrest


She is bandaged and battered, and her eyes tell a story of pain.

However, the story of an abused dog has gaps that investigators with the Humane Rescue Alliance need to fill.

On Friday, January 4, a humane officer was called out to Skip's Liquor and Laundromat on 61st Street SE for an injured, abandoned dog.

That's where the officer was able to surveillance video that shows the moments before the discovery.

The video shows the man unload the dog from his car. Then, he comes back and hits her in the face, possibly with an object. Then, you see him drag her out from under his vehicle, and moments later he drives off without her.

"We have a lot of questions and not very many answers," said Humane Officer Thomas Ingle. "We just want somebody to call in and possibly be able to identify someone in this situation."

Ingle says the dog has deep wounds on her legs that show she's suffered extraordinary pain.

"We're not sure how they came about, but all we can tell is this dog has been suffering a lot," he said. "She has injuries on all four of her legs and one of them is so severe they may have to amputate the leg."

This could mean animal cruelty charges for the man in the video. Officers are hoping someone can identify him.

He's driving a red Cadillac CTS. Possibly model year 2003-2007.

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