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Default Man caught on video hurling racist comments at Lyft driver fired from job

Man caught on video hurling racist comments at Lyft driver fired from job
By Joshua Rhett Miller and Elizabeth Elizalde
November 19, 2020 | 5:47pm | Updated

The man who was caught on video hurling racist comments at a Lyft driver in Washington state has been fired from his job, his ex-employer said.

Video of the Tuesday night encounter in Issaquah shows the man identified as “Joe” lashing out at driver David Kangogo after he told him to put his mask back on.

“What’s a sandn—–r? Do you know what a sandn—–r is?” the man asked Kangogo outside of the car. “‘Cuz I do.”

Kangogo filmed the incident and repeatedly asked “Joe” and his female companion to put on their masks but they continued spewing racial slurs at him.

The driver told Newsweek the incident left him “literally shaking.”

A man in Issaquah, Washington, hurled racial slurs at his Lyft driver after being asked to put his mask on.
Jam Press

Wilbur-Ellis, an agricultural tech firm, confirmed to The Post that “Joe” was an employee and that he’s been fired.

“The employee has been terminated effective immediately,” the company said in a statement. “The quick and decisive action we took demonstrates that racism in any form will not be tolerated by our company.”

Lyft told The Post earlier that the man was permanently banned from using its service.
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