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Default Protests erupt in Lancaster, PA after kwops fatally shoot knife brandishing mutant mudflap

Protests erupt in Lancaster, Pennsylvania after police fatally shoot a 27-year-old man who ran at an officer while brandishing a knife above his head

Protesters took to the streets in Lancaster, Pennsylvania hours after a man was fatally shot by police
Bodycam video shows Ricardo Munoz, 27, 'brandishing a knife over his head' in a threatening manner
Lancaster District Attorney's Office is investigating the incident
Protestors gathered outside the Lancaster Police headquarters calling for accountability

Updated: 03:35 EDT, 14 September 2020


PENNSYLVANIA: “let’s shoot them n*gga” a BLM protester yells regarding the Lancaster police

After a fellow protester is seriously injured by taking a rubber bullet directly to the head

He is rushed away by medics. Current condition unknown


PENNSYLVANIA: police use CS gas, stun grenades, mace, and rubber billets to clear BLM protesters who attempted to occupy the police precinct back lot

Who was Ricardo Munoz?

Munoz was previously arrested by Lancaster Police after he stabbed two people on March 4, 2019
. The statement released by Lancaster Police read, "The preliminary investigation revealed that Munoz had gotten involved in a verbal altercation with people outside of the residence on the 500 blk. N. Queen St. That escalated to a physical altercation where several people reportedly punched or kicked Munoz. At the end of the fight all of the combatants walked away from Munoz. Munoz went to a backpack and retrieved a knife. Munoz used the knife to stab or slash the victims. The victims were able to retreat into the residence and Munoz was still outside when Officers arrived.

"The juvenile, the (22) year old female and the (26) year old male with the stab wound to the arm are all related to each other. There is no known relationship between Munoz and any of the victims."
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