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Default Re: White boy, 2 head traumatized to death by mudshark's negro buck

Found a Facebook post from the mudshark's mom. It is quite descriptive of her whoring race mixing daughter.. post from Lori Freiss:

Even though my daughter had nothing to do with this one would think she would stop hanging around these thugs! You would think she’d not want to ever be around that “hood life” can someone please tell me why these dumbass women think it’s cool to be wrapped up in the gangster hood life? You look stupid and for the white girls that talk this ghetto talk you all sound uneducated and flat out an embarrassment to not only you but your dam family! You won’t ever amount to ****...... and if you ladies choose to be around these loser types of men make dam sure y’all hide your kids. Just a slap across me and my exhusbands face when our daughter continues to date these types of men after what happened! Makes no sense! So if anyone sees or talks to my thug loving daughter tell her she’s on her own until she gets it through her thick head that hood life is a deadbeat life! Go ahead and date men out of your race that’s fine with me but have enough respect for yourself to choose a man with a legit pay stub, possibly an education good morals and NOT A GOD DAM THUG ASS MURDERING DRUG DEALING PIECE OF ****!!!

It is common behavior in the world of apes for them to kill the offspring of former males as it tends to stimulate the female apes to want to mate to have more offspring. Unfortunately, this ape behavior is carried over to the relationship when a stupid white woman with a white child from a previous relationship hooks up with one of these worthless negroes. We have seen it far too often here on Newnation...
The only contribution the nigger brings to white society is misery and chaos!!!! 1867 Presentation on the Negro before the PC takeover
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