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Arheel's Uncle 10-21-2020 06:55 AM

"Taylor Swift's got a (nigger) lover!" - [promotes interracial degradation]
"Taylor Swift's got a BIGGER lover!"

(helped get me banned on JTube :D )

Taylor Swift - N Lover
link to video

137,795,352 views•Premiered Aug 22, 2019

Arheel's Uncle 10-21-2020 07:04 AM

Re: "Taylor Swift's got a BIGGER lover!"
How Pop Culture Affects Teens - Music


The effects of music include altercation of study habits, introduction and development to slang, and damages eardrums. Popular music effects the moods in examples such as: fast paced techno exciting the actions of teens in parties or slowed down rock mellowing out its listeners.

Music Training Improves Adolescent Brain Development


Taylor Swift is a HUGE (imho) negative influencer in young people & destroys morals & changes ideology.
Her video promotes interracial relationships, by romanticizing them.

Do parents care or even want to know what their kids listen to, or watch?

Learning to read music & play an instrument connects both sides of the brain, also creating millions of new neural connections that form a "lattice network" like a net which allows greater brain power & memory for real learning.

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