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Unregistered 02-20-2021 07:32 AM

Al Sharpton's crackhead preacher half brother skates on murder charge

Whitebear 02-20-2021 01:11 PM

Re: Al Sharpton's crackhead preacher half brother skates on murder charge
Alabama capital murder charge dropped against Al Sharpton’s prison activist half-brother


An Alabama grand jury declined to indict the half-brother of civil rights activist Al Sharpton on a 2018 capital murder.
Court records made public Thursday show the grand jury returned a no bill in the case against the Rev. Kenneth Glasgow, a 55-year-old Alabama pastor who founded founder of the Ordinary People’s Society, a nonprofit focused on criminal justice issues and prison conditions.

He still faces unrelated charges of drug possession, assault on a police officer, and tampering with physical evidence.

Glasgow and Jamie Townes, 29, were charged in the killing of 23-year-old Breunia Jennings. She was killed that Sunday night when multiple shots were fired into her vehicle while she was driving o Allen Road.

Townes was the alleged shooter in the case. Glasgow was charged because he drove Townes to where the shooting happened. Charges have not been dismissed against Townes.

Glasgow has claimed the capital murder was retribution for his decades of activism around prisoner rights.

Glasgow was believed to have had a scuffle with a Dothan Police Officer during the 2020 arrest. “Allegedly, Mr. Glasgow had an unspecified amount of crack inside his pocket, and as the officer attempted to place Glasgow under arrest a struggle began, injuring the officer. Evidence was also tampered with,” Dothan police Lt. Doug Magill said at the time.

A trial date on the other charges has not yet been announced.

He is still awaiting trial in that case on charges of second-degree assault, unlawful possession of a controlled substance and tampering with physical evidence.

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