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The Bobster 01-29-2019 09:37 AM


‘Empire’ star Jussie Smollett victim of possible racist and homophobic attack
By Carlos Greer and Ian Mohr
January 29, 2019 | 12:00pm


Chicago Police are investigating a violent, possibly racially charged and homophobic assault on a star of the hit show “Empire,” believed to be Jussie Smollett — in which two assailants poured a “chemical substance” on the victim and tied a rope around his neck. :rolleyes: Smollett’s said to be out of the hospital and in “good condition,” according to sources.

A spokesman for the Chicago police department said in a statement to Page Six that, “Overnight, the Chicago Police Department received a report of a possible racially-charged assault and battery involving a cast member of the television show ‘Empire.’ Given the severity of the allegations, we are taking this investigation very seriously and treating it as a possible hate crime.” :rolleyes:

The statement added, “Detectives are currently working to gather video, identify potential witnesses and establish an investigative timeline.” The spokesperson said that the victim is fully cooperating with investigators and asked anyone with information about the crime to come forward.

Law enforcement sources told Page Six that a victim in his 30s was approached by two unknown assailants who yelled racial and homophobic slurs before beginning to batter the victim about the face and that the attackers, “poured an unknown chemical substance on the victim.”

During the attack, one of the offenders wrapped a rope around the victim’s neck before the duo fled.

The victim then headed to Northwestern Hospital and is in “good condition.” A source said he was released from the hospital on Tuesday.

Website That Grape Juice first reported that Smollett had received a threatening letter via mail that read, “You will die black f-g.” The show shoots in Chicago.

He was attacked at 2 a.m. Tuesday. TMZ reported that Smollett arrived in Chicago from New York and was headed to a Subway sandwich shop.

Smollett posted on Instagram that he’d been delayed arriving in Chicago: “#Mood after spending 7 hours on a plane for a 2 hour flight but finally landing all good. Love y’all. Goodnight.”

Smollett’s rep did not immediately get back to us.

The star came out as openly gay in a 2015 interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

Police asked that anyone with information about the incident “contact Area Central Detectives at 312-747-8382 or report it anonymously to www.cpdtip.com.”

voiceofreason 01-30-2019 07:28 AM

Re: ‘Empire’ star Jussie Smollett victim of possible racist and homophobic attack

Chicago Police Deny Claim That Jussie Smollett Identified Attackers as White, Can't Get Their Story Straight About Whether He Heard Them Say 'MAGA'
Empire star attacked on streets of Chicago late last night.

Jan. 29, 2019 3:05 pm


Several media outlets referenced claims that appeared in TMZ's coverage of this matter, most notably that the perpetrators were white and yelled "this is MAGA country," as they attacked Smollett. But a spokesperson for the Chicago police denied having any information about the race and political views of the attackers.*

"According to the victim, the offenders' faces were concealed," a police spokesperson told Reason. "We have no record indicating that [they shouted 'MAGA'], we only have record of them shouting racial and homophobic slurs at him."


Police now say there is video of Smollett inside the Subway, but so far there’s no surveillance of the two men Smollett accused.

The Bobster 01-30-2019 08:22 AM

Re: ‘Empire’ star Jussie Smollett victim of possible racist and homophobic attack

Jussie Smollett turned down additional security before attack
By Derrick Bryson Taylor
January 30, 2019 | 10:21am

Jussie Smollett didn’t want extra security in the week leading up to his attack this week. :rolleyes:

The 35-year-old actor, who stars on “Empire,” was offered additional security by Fox when he wasn’t working on set, reports TMZ.

Last week, the television company offered to send helping hands after Smollett received a threatening letter with cutout letters reading “You will die black f-g.” :dry:

Security on set was increased after the incident, but Smollett reportedly did not want bodyguards for his time off the clock.

Late Monday night, Smollett was allegedly attacked in Chicago by two men who spewed racist and homophobic slurs. :rolleyes:

The men also doused the star with a “chemical substance” and tied a rope around his neck, police said.

Smollett was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment and was released on Tuesday.

The assailants also yelled “This is MAGA country” during the attack, claims TMZ. The police have yet to confirm that.

The crime is under investigation by the Chicago Police Department.

The Bobster 02-11-2019 09:59 AM

Re: ‘Empire’ star Jussie Smollett victim of possible racist and homophobic attack

Jussie Smollett’s neighbors cast doubt on his attack story
By Gabrielle Fonrouge
February 11, 2019 | 5:02am | Updated

CHICAGO — Nearly two weeks after “Empire” star Jussie Smollett claimed he was the victim of a racist, homophobic attack, cops have yet to identify any suspects — and some people in his tony Chicago neighborhood are growing skeptical.

“I don’t believe it happened the way he said it did,” said Agin Muhammad, who lives in the same swank high-rise near the Navy Pier as Smollett.

“I’ve been in this neighborhood five years. I don’t believe it, not around here … Half the people are gay and the other half are black.” :p

A patron at Lizzie McNeill’s Irish Pub, about a block from the scene of the alleged Jan. 29 incident, said Smollett’s story “doesn’t really make sense.”

“It’s a lie, because Chicago is the most liberal city around,” said the man, who wouldn’t give his name. “They have cameras everywhere … Why can’t they find the attack?”

Cops have said they found plenty of surveillance video, but none that captured the incident.

Meanwhile, Chicago police said Sunday that Smollett has yet to turn over data from his cellphone to verify that he was on the phone with his music manager, Brandon Moore, when he was allegedly attacked.

Moore has said he heard Smollett’s assailants shout a “racial slur” and the words “MAGA country,” an apparent reference to President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan. :rolleyes:

“We have no reason to doubt the statements, but for a criminal investigation, we need to independently confirm the phone records,” Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said.

“We offered to take the phone to download the data and he expressed he couldn’t be without his phone for several hours.”

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson has said that Smollett, 36, was being treated as a crime victim, but would be held accountable if cops learn he filed a false report.

Smollett told cops he was confronted by two men, one wearing a black mask, who hurled gay and racist epithets at him, calling him “’Empire’ f—-t n—-r” while he was walking home shortly before 2 a.m.

The assailants allegedly punched Smollett in the face, doused him with a liquid — believed to be bleach — and tied a rope around his neck in an underpass between the Sheraton and Loews Chicago hotels.

Last week, The Post traced Smollett’s likely route to the underpass from a 24-hour Subway sandwich shop where he bought a tuna sandwich and a salad.

Near the foot of a stairwell to the Loews, The Post found an empty hot sauce bottle that was partially filled with a clear liquid that smelled like bleach.

The Post alerted police, who seized the bottle. Guglielmi said it was turned over to the FBI for analysis.

The FBI declined to comment.

voiceofreason 02-15-2019 04:48 AM

Re: ‘Empire’ star Jussie Smollett victim of possible racist and homophobic attack

Brothers Detained In Connection With Alleged Staged Attack On Jussie Smollett Could Be Charged Friday, Attorney Says
February 14, 2019 at 10:21 pm

CHICAGO (CBS) — A source with intimate knowledge of the Jussie Smollett investigation tells CBS 2 Investigator Brad Edwards the attack on Smollett was potentially orchestrated by the actor himself and involved two other men.

Chicago police call those reports “unconfirmed.”

The two “persons of interest” are brothers who worked on the Empire actor’s show.

The two brothers are now in police custody, being questioned in connection with the alleged staged, according to sources. Their attorney says they could be charged as early as Friday.

Following a police raid, the front door of their home is busted off its frame. Belongings are thrown across the living room. Bedroom doors are damaged and clothes tossed everywhere.:p

“They were actually detained at customs at O’Hare airport yesterday around 5:45 p.m.,” said their lawyer Gloria Schmidt. “They had no idea what was going on, and they’ve been detained since then.”

The brothers were returning from a trip to Nigeria, their attorney said. As they were picked up by police at O’Hare, officers were at their home, taking several items and leaving behind an inventory list of some of the items taken. The list includes a black face mask hat, an Empire script, a phone, receipts, a red hat and bleach.:rolleyes:

“When they first learned about what happened to him they were horrified. This is someone they know. This is someone they’ve worked with, so they don’t want to see somebody go through that,” Schmidt said.

According to Schmidt, the men have worked as extras on Empire and go to the gym with Smollett on occasion.

“They are really baffled :Dwhy they are people of interest,” she said. “They really don’t understand how they even got information that linked them to this horrific crime, but they are not guilty of it.”

voiceofreason 02-15-2019 05:37 AM

Re: ‘Empire’ star Jussie Smollett victim of possible racist and homophobic attack

Jussie Smollett


Jussie Smollett was born in Santa Rosa, California, and is the third of six children born to Janet (née Harris) and Joel Smollett.[8] He has three brothers and two sisters: Jake, Jocqui, Jojo, Jurnee, and Jazz, several of whom are also actors.[9] His father was Jewish (his family emigrated from Russia and Poland). His mother is African-American.[10

voiceofreason 02-15-2019 07:42 AM

Re: ‘Empire’ star Jussie Smollett victim of possible racist and homophobic attack

PICTURED - Two Nigerian actor brothers detained over Jussie Smollett attack, as it’s revealed they are FRIENDS with the Empire star amid claims the assault was staged to save his career

Olabinjo and Abimbola Osundairo were picked up at Chicago O'Hare Airport on Wednesday
The pair had just arrived back from Nigeria when they were taken into custody
Both are actors and Ola appeared on Empire in 2015 as an extra
They are friends with Smollett, who follows them on Instagram, and sometimes work out with them
Both brothers shared photos and videos from their trip to Nigeria on Instagram
Their lawyer says they are innocent and are 'baffled' by the allegations
Chicago PD will not confirm source claims they are investigating the attack as a hoax
They said on Friday that Smollett was still being treated 'as a victim and not a suspect'

Updated: 10:28 EST, 15 February 2019

Abimbola 'Abel' (left), 25, and Olabinjo 'Ola' Osundairo (right) are the two brothers being questioned over the Jussie Smollett attack whose home was raided in Chicago on Wednesday

Chicago PD confirmed on Thursday that the pair seen in this image from surveillance footage around the time of the attack on January 29 (above) were the two people in custody. DailyMail.com can confirm that those people are Abel and Ola Osundairo

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