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The Bobster 09-07-2019 07:30 AM

Moorestown Residents On Edge After At Least 10 Vehicles Burglarized

Moorestown Residents On Edge After At Least 10 Vehicles Burglarized
By CBS3 Staff
September 6, 2019 at 10:56 pm


MOORESTOWN, N.J. (CBS) — A rash of car break-ins has residents in Moorestown on edge. Police have made an arrest, but they say neighbors should still be on guard and remember to do one important thing — lock their car doors.

Ring surveillance cameras in the Lenola section of Moorestown captured a burglar opening car doors, seemingly looking for cash, according to police.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” resident Deanna Eastwick said.

On Aug. 19, Eastwick’s camera captured a man walking up her driveway just before 4 a.m. and opening her mom’s and sister’s unlocked car doors and rummaging around inside.

This week, Moorestown police texted a warning to neighbors, reminding them to lock their car doors after 10 to 15 vehicles in the area were burglarized over the past few weeks.

Eastwick posted her Ring video online to help spread the word.

“Other neighbors that were having that similar situation afterwards started posting their pictures saying ‘hey, he was at my house. He tried my cars or he got into my cars,'” Eastwick said.

Dominic DiBlasio’s daughter’s car was one of them.

“It’s sad that my daughter lost a little bit of money because she really doesn’t have a real job, but she babysits and earns what she has and for somebody to take that off her, it’s disheartening,” he said.

Someone stole about $10 worth of change. DiBlasio’s daughter realized the thief also took her ashtray.

“They did find the ashtray two houses down in somebody’s front yard. They turned that over to police,” he said.

Other neighbors say they spotted multiple men acting suspicious in the neighborhood.

“They started to walk up the street and came back and then started to walk up the street again. They stopped in front of an empty house, it’s a house for sale and it just didn’t look right to me,” Ernie Schlegel said.

Moorestown police say the suspect in custody may not be the only thief. They’re looking into the possibility of more suspects.

“That’s a little scary, a little on edge. So when my camera alerts me, I’m a little more prone to look at it,” Eastwick said.

Eastwick says police arrested the man seen in the video. Eyewitness News called police to request the suspect’s name and the charges against him, but have not heard back.

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